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  1. I actually tried this and it's a contender. I tried the SFT version and this was the most accurate driver I have ever tried. Very high ball flight- seemed the hang time was forever but then just kind of dropped from the sky and didn't roll out. I may go with this and just except that with 80MPH I'm just not going to hit much farther.
  2. Appreciate the recommendation I actually did try the XXIO today, both the Eleven and the Prime. Very easy to hit and straight but not a ton more distance and very high ball flight using the regular shaft. They did not have a senior shaft.
  3. I have arthritis in my lumbar region and a bit of scoliosis in the same region. It gets pretty angry when I go after it.
  4. I have a Swingcaddie and this another no name brand and they broth record about the same speed.
  5. Appreciate the recommendations. Great community here. I should also mention that I launch the ball too high. Currently using a SIM2 Max with regular vet us blue shaft. 10.5. Predictably, my swing speed is slow and I don’t get much distance. Towering shots though.
  6. Hi I’m 50 years old and swing about 80 MPH. Does anyone have a recommendation for a driver in the current crop of 2021 drivers. Also, would you recommend a senior shaft? Currently live too far from a fitting place. Thank you in advance for consideration of my question.
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