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  1. I've had one of these for the past 4 years & it's worked out great ! https://www.gourock.com/golf.html I added an extra net to the center of the net which helps the life of the net I've left it outside since I bought it with no problem
  2. I'm looking at giving the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue a try this year in my irons & was wondering if anyone has any experience with it ? I'll probably pick up 6i shaft to try out & compare it to a Paderson Kinetixx shaft I have in another 6i before I decide which direction I want to go Does anyone know how much of a difference there is between the CK Blue & the AV Blue ? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  3. My putter has a double bend shaft in it so I don't think this is going to be an option Can't find the tool Golfsmith use to sell, Golfworks sells one similar for $40 ..don't think so I think I'll just cut the darn thing off
  4. I'm going to try & take it off with the tool from Golfsmith The worst that can happen is I screw it up & end up cutting it off Thanks for the suggestions much appreciated
  5. I have a putter I want to shorten that has a SS grip on it I want to save the grip but have no idea of how to remove it You guys have any tricks of getting it off without destroying it ? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  6. Is the One Step a graphite or steel shaft ? Looking at the website there's not allot of info on it
  7. I want to thank Popeye64 for taking the time & making the generous offer to make me a couple of demos to compare the two shafts ..it's greatly appreciated !! Thank you again
  8. I'm wondering what other graphite iron shafts are out there that guys have tried & had good results with beside the more main stream shafts like Recoil & Steelfiber I've tried the Recoils & found them to be OK & I didn't care for the steelfiber I'd like to find a tapered shaft if possible but it's not set in stone Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  9. I'm looking at getting the Closer & was wondering if I can I get your thoughts on the Closer ?
  10. Hit-em

    Pxg gen 2

    Has anyone compared the PXG's to the Evnroll putters ? I'm presently playing the Evnroll ER22, I was thinking about taking a look at the Closer or perhaps the Blackjack I'm curious about the comparison in regards to feel & stability along with overall impression ? Thanks
  11. PM's answered Any other questions don't hesitate to contact me Thanks
  12. Selling a set of Mizuno MP20 MMC & HMB 5-PW The 5-6 irons are HMB & the 7-PW are MP 20 MMC, they're standard length & lie The shafts are Recoil 95 F3 ( Regular ) with Golf Pride CP2 Midsize grips I played about 5 rounds with these this year, I decided to go back to my old irons I bought these at Carl's Golfland in Bloomfield Hills Mich $600 shipped in the CONUS PP or Postal MO only Thanks for looking
  13. Sounds like I'll be keeping my 2015 Kuro's they're probably the best feelings irons I've played in the last 30 years Thanks for for sharing your experience with the 2020's
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