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  1. I think tyrell is funny. Especially when he uses the club like a shotgun
  2. Who would want a VENTUS without Velocore? that’s like a bacon egg and cheese without the bacon and cheese.
  3. I know Japanese aren’t into plastic surgery like Koreans (rivaled only by people in LA) and their teeth are almost as bad as the British.
  4. Even in that latest video he’s chirping in the background. “Oh that looks good to me” lol
  5. Top lines look massive fairways look like the old titleists
  6. Are you saying the male cheerleaders have their pick of the litter in college? If so then
  7. Definitely a step up from Larry the cable guy, George Lopez and ray Romano. Oh my how much actual talent has been negated from celebrity
  8. Her site says she’s a “content creator”. This is millennial speak for posting pics of yourself on Instagram.
  9. Euro tour always has fun stuff going on
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