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  1. I agree with Jim, it's just a number stamped on the bottom of the club. Those of us on the upper end of the age spectrum remember when a 7 iron loft was between 32 and 34.5 degs. Those are 8 iron numbers today. Who cares if it's going in the correct direction most of the time.
  2. Ended up playing Friday/Saturday instead of Friday/Sunday. Friday - 79. Good round, but trailing knee was killing me by 15. Just survived the last 3 holes. Saturday - 81. Solid round with nothing special. Putter saved me after some errant long irons. Knee still aching. It sucks getting old.
  3. I'm a member at Oxmoor and played Saturday morning. We do have cool mornings here, but all in all it's decent all year.
  4. I am semi retired in Alabama. Cost of living is bearable. We have a ton of publicly accessible golf (Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail) that you can play year around. Winters can be wet, but aren't crazy cold especially Birmingham and south of there. December and January are the slowest months for sneaking a round in, but that's more about daylight than the weather. Even in late January or early February, I play in a non-hoodie sweatshirt or light jacket. Georgia doesn't tax retirement earnings, so that is a bonus. But golf is more private and semi-private clubs there, except in rural areas. Tennessee has no income tax, but that's the latitude where winter starts to get a little more noticeable in my opinion. I've got lots of friends in Florida. Same as some others have said, winter golf is great. Summer golf can get pretty tough after 10 am. Coastal Carolina (both North and South) are nice. I've played that area in January and February before and the issue was wind off the water had a bite to it. Plus Coastal South Carolina has summer humidity that is epic. I don't think you can go wrong with anything in that bottom right hand corner of the country.
  5. Why didn't I think of that??????? How does what I said differ from what you typed here?
  6. I stand corrected. It sucks getting old, but my memory is still correct in how I read 4.1c today. As long as the club is removed upon finding the extra, then no DQ will occur, just the stroke penalty. However, if there is malicious intent then DQ would be the correct call. What am I missing in the interpretation of the new rule?
  7. There is no DQ for excess clubs in the bag. I was looping a pro event in the mid 80s when a well known golfer of the era came to the first tee box with and extra long iron in his bag. He'd been hitting both 1i and 2i on the range and one of them got covered up by the head cover for a fairway wood. When he pulled his driver from the bag, the extra club was exposed. The key is intent. His caddie saw it, pulled it and reported to the starter, who marked it and gave it to a runner to return to the locker room. No harm, no foul. If it was discovered mid-round, it would have been a 2 stroke penalty for every hole played to that point, up to 4 strokes. It happens. DQ would occur for Intentional Misconduct if the extra club was intentional and attempts were made to hide it during the round.
  8. Unless you absolutely flushed it on the sweet spot, it vibrated like crazy in your hands. Aluminum had no vibration dampening properties like steel does. It was an attempt to reduce weight, but didn't last long. Plus, one good, solid duff and the shaft could bend. On a side note about First Flite. I played there balls some. Decent ball at the time. Wasn't as prone to cutting as Titleist but felt similar in compression.
  9. I noticed his dry humor in the first post. I'm looking forward to a good read.
  10. Weekly score dump. Saturday 11/20 - 79. Afternoon round. Course wasn't crowded and the weather was near perfect for fall. Tuesday 11/23 - 83. First group of the day. 28° when we teed off. That's freaking cold for this part of the world. Took us 7 or 8 holes to loosen up. 45 on the front, 38 on the back. Wednesday 11/24 - 81. Late morning round. Nothing special except 1 lost ball in the middle of the fairway. F!%#ing leaves. Playing Friday and Sunday as well. Darn extended family get-togethers disrupt my off-season routine.
  11. Following along as well. Interested in the what you find out.
  12. Can a high handicapper do it? Sure. But can he do it consistently and at command? Likely not. Most high handicappers struggle to hit it straight on command. Moving the ball a certain amount in either direction on command and in differing weather/turf conditions is something totally different. That comes from more practices than you can imagine. The key to everything in this stupid sport is repeatable consistency.
  13. Ping G425 Driver Srizon 3 wood Ping G30 5 wood Ping G400 4 Hybrid Mizzy MP-18 irons 5-PW It's not the name on the club that matters, its my ability to hit it.
  14. My cart bag is a 14 way C-130. I love it. It's heavy, but on the cart.....who cares. I personally prefer a 5 way top like most staff bags, but those are hard to find for us peons. I don't walk that often anymore, but have a 3.5 LS 4-way and like it a lot.
  15. That he never hit one on purpose would be my guess. If Herm was still alive to attest, he'd tell us that Mexy would argue with anyone about anything. Ah the good ole days, before social media.
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