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  1. Don't we know that @tiderider? I hate getting stuck behind those groups taking their sweet time 45 mins before last call on the carts, with 2 or 3 holes to play.
  2. I'm a full member at Oxmoor and couldn't agree more. Ross Bridge is beautiful, but expensive and the length makes it not as much fun as others (unless you are bombing it 300+ every time.) I play at Highland several times a month. Great old layout that is just fun. Personally, there are only 2 holes that are even remotely challenging, but still a good walk (cart path only all the time.) Ballantrae is great. Farm Links is too. Timberline is underrated. Oxmoor Valley is in spectacular shape with the new Tiff Eagle greens and Oxmoor Ridge is as tough as it ever was. Enjoy your trip.
  3. I have different bounce wedges that I combo for turf conditions at various courses. For instance, on zoysia fairways or tightly mown aprons, I love my old Eye 2 wedges. For normal Bermuda public courses, I like lower bounce wedges. Occasionally, I will mix and match the 2 so that I have options on the course. For you, it depends on your swing plane, attack angle, and course agronomy. A few questions...... 1. Are you chunking often? Do you take large divot? 2. What type of turf conditions do you normally play? Country Club? Public? Bermuda? Zoysia? Poa Annua? 3. How many wedges are in your current bag? How many do you have room for? 4. Are you comfortable moving the ball around your stance or opening the face to adjust your shots? Maybe consider getting a 50-52 in low bounce and a 54-56 in a mid-high bounce. Play a few rounds with them and figure out what you like. You can always trade them in or re-sell them.
  4. I'm no instructor and never claimed to be, but..... There's been some great advice given here regarding pursuit of the perfect swing. After caddying for several decades, I've never seen two golfers with identical swings. Each one is different and is an adjustment by the athlete to the output (ball flight.) My swing now looks drastically different than it did 50 years ago, but I continue to score pretty well. The secret is repeatability. To get predictable results, you have to strike the ball at the same spot on the face. It doesn't matter if you are young with a full rotation or an old guy like me with limited flexibility and maybe 3/4 rotation at best. Do whatever it takes to control the face at impact. Scoring is all about the short game and putting. My regular group of cronies can still challenge par with ~200 yard drives, by playing from age appropriate tees and a stellar short game. We don't chunk a lot of wedges and we don't miss a lot of putts. It doesn't matter if you get around the green in 1 or 2 strokes, if it takes you 4 or 5 more to cover the last 20 yards. I agree with the others that your swing is more than good enough to lower your handicap. Time to work on consistent contact and your short game. Also, don't forget to have fun.
  5. Exactly. A couple of my partners play the G425 hybrids. I've got a G400 and another guy has a G410 hybrid. All are some of the better options on the market in my opinion. If you are looking for more forgiveness than that, I believe you need a higher MOI, which is where fairway woods come in.
  6. Best of luck with your surgery. Hope everything goes well. On an optimistic note, everyone but me in my regular 4 some has had heart surgery, some of them multiple times. Take time to heal. As @aggie182 said, do the rehab. Your flexibility will drop noticeably, but you will learn to adjust. Remember to enjoy each day as a gift and hug your family a few more times a day.
  7. Why would you have to move up a tee? I play MP-18s and Eye 2's on a regular basis. The only difference is the loft by 1 club. MP-18 PW is 46, Eye 2 9i is 46. I just adjust one club up when playing with them. I'm more accurate and have better control with 9-L in my Eye 2's than with anything else I've ever played. I do agree that a modern long iron feels much better than cranking on a 2 or 3 iron from the Eye 2's. But I play hybrids in that part of the bag anyway.
  8. I bought my first pair in 2021 and like them a lot. I'm old with wide, bad feet. The wider toe box is great and they are really comfortable underfoot. Not sure I buy into the added distance, as I haven't seen it. But they are stable and comfortable. That's all that really matters to me. I don't even care if a shoe is ugly, as long as it feels good. But that is an advantage of being my age.
  9. Huh??? The guy found something that works for him and was proud to share it. How's that funny?
  10. If I was relying on every swing just to eat, I would take my current bag. I know it, trust it, and when the nerves set in, that is what's important. But like everyone else, if someone was throwing bills at me, I go to the highest bidder.
  11. Thanks @MattC555that is the article I was referencing. Damn I'm getting old. I thought it was just a couple years ago. Looks like it was 2009.
  12. I was there too. The difference is the compression test criteria used then versus the one used now. A Titleist 90 from 1995 has far different characteristics than a PRO V1 90 compression ball now. Golf Digest had an article on it a few years ago. If I can find a link, I will post it here.
  13. It is an attempt to replicate the balata balls that persimmon and hickory clubs were designed for. Those balatas averaged between 35-70 compression depending on manufacturer. In comparison, most modern 3 and 4 piece balls are 90-115 compression. The Pro V1 is listed at ~90 compression, while the Wilson Duo Soft is around 50. Cally Chrome Soft is 75.
  14. No kidding. I play 2-4 times a week all year long. Winter of course has more cancelations than summer, but I still get in a lot of golf 12 months a year. Played today and will play again tomorrow (as long as I can outrun the rain.) High today in B'ham was 58. Pretty pleasant until the last couple holes when the wind picked up a bit. It isn't Hawaii or South Florida, but my taxes aren't as high as those areas either.
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