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  1. I'd be interested in the head or with the shaft.. prefer if the grooves are still playable
  2. That still makes me think he's gonna use MG1 or else Trottie would've shown them off
  3. I love that he keeps the MG1 bronze in the bag... black shafts they look sick
  4. I have a 52 MG1 in bronze and I love the color and how it looks. I have a MG2 that I want to look the same. Is there any way I can make it look raw or bronze?
  5. I got a used MG2 TW 60 and it isn't rusted at all. Will this help get the face back rusty? Also - I have a MG1 Bronze and I want my MG2 to look like that... is it possible to rust the whole club and not just the face?
  6. It looks like the Project X blackout shafts are being discontinued
  7. I play 6.0 in my irons but was looking to bump the weight up a touch in the wedges
  8. @NicholasP how soft will they play when you double soft step? I was looking and it looks like the 9 iron shaft is sold out, so if I did want it I would have to go to 8 iron for the double
  9. I am looking at getting the Project X 6.5 blackout shafts for my wedges but they are backordered for the 9 iron shaft. If I went to the 8 iron shaft, would that play too soft? I am planning to put these in a 52 and a 60
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