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  1. Combine that with a no turn cast drill and you got yourself a winner.
  2. Oh right let's just all play I15 Driver 1-pw Jack Nicklaus blade irons Bullseye Putter
  3. After going through 2 sets of Mizunos in last 5 yrs, I have switched to Ping I15 and I10 irons. Should last me until I'm dead.
  4. A lot of you need to hide your signature before giving OP an advice. LOL
  5. Does any one of you guys play a driver with sub 2000 spin on the course? Just doesn't seem worth it to me.
  6. Hence why I'm always one or two generation behind. I'm too cheap to pay for full MSRP when I know I can get 50% off in 1-2 yrs. My latest bag consists of: Sim Max 915F XR hybrid I15/I10 Irons
  7. +1 on polishing. Also you might get some extra ballspeed
  8. Anything from Callaway from last 5 yrs have been money. Callaway FW and Hybrids are very much underrated.
  9. For me, I had to sign a waiver. But again +1/2 White to STD BLK is quite significant.
  10. I recently sent an I10 Iron set that was white dot +1/2 and they adjusted to STD length BLK dot. Loft and lie adjustment was free. Just had to pay for shipping.
  11. Can't you just add more loft to your 915? pretty sure it can go up to 17 deg.
  12. Frankly, a bit underwhelmed. Expected so much more from Stealth. I'll stick with my Sim Max for now.
  13. Decent sale going on at Callaway preowned. Check out Mavrik Max.
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