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  1. Thanks, guys, the first video above is interesting. So do all ‘good’ golfers consciously rotate/twist the club about it’s axis in the downswing? Never heard it talked about.
  2. Hi folks, New golfer hoping to get an answer to a burning question I have. I am a typical shaft steepens in transition amateur. This causes all sorts of timing into impact and a lot of poor shots. My swing path is coming significantly from the outside. However, while I can shallow the shaft without a ball there, my brain won’t let me hit a ball that way because the face is so open to the target. Think of it this way: a shallower shaft requires more lead arm pronation from the top vs a steep shaft. If you transport that much pronation to impact then the face is pointing way right. So my question is for those that have successfully taught someone or themselves have shallowed their downswing: Does one need to actively add a late forearm roll (supination of lead arm) in towards impact to compensate for the added pronation that a shallower shaft requires? If so, that to me seems to require more timing/manipulation than a steep shaft. So far I have heard physics does it for us but it doesn’t for me! Much appreciate any replies, Janik
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