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  1. 3 dozen total. All brand new, I ordered the wrong ball. These do have not name imprinted on them. Still a deal. all three for $90 obo shipped PayPal payment ASAP.
  2. MINT..used 2 times inside and 2 times outside. Works perfectly fine, comes with stickers, case, everything as seen. I just don't get the use I thought I would. $1675 $1750
  3. See pictures. 3 dozen ProV1x with logo $100 obo 2 dozen TP5x plus 1 sleeve and 3 sleeves of AVX - $85 OBO
  4. Thinking of buying a hybrid and 3 wood, thoughts on new gen 4 woods and hybrids compared to say the SIM Ti and Titleist hybrid line?
  5. First up, Vokey Raw Wedgeworks 58T grind Nippon Modus 120S Gp MCC grip plastic still on head. $226 new, sell $190 shipped SOLD SOLD Titleist T100 4-PW Project X LZ 6.0 standard standard across the board. Played 4 rounds. $1000 ----- Lets go $950 these are MINT Titleist TS3 3 wood 15 degree Evenflow white 6.5 - $150 ---- $140 Thanks
  6. Never used, new golf pride mcc grip. measures 42.25 to grip endcap. Asking $115 shipped
  7. Got to see the new offerings on Friday, no pictures allowed and was not a demo and hit them day. Only thing not there was new Apex Pro irons. Fairways - both bonded. No Sub zero, the "standard" epic speed is suppose to be lower spin while Max is more draw bias Hybrids - never a Callaway hybrid fan. Standard no thanks, the new Apex Pro hybrid looks good Drivers - yes three heads, Epic Speed Max, Epic Speed, Epic Speed Max LS. Max is higher handicap, draw bias, Max LS is replacement for Subzero. Longer front to back, different than previous years Subzero heads. This is to add MOI and increase forgiveness while lower spin. As I was told, head made for tour guys to get into the low spin head but still give forgiveness, movable back weight, neutral will be close to fade bias Epic Speed head - standard, looks great, very much like Mavik head shape. No moveable weight. From what I was told, FWIW - better overall forgiveness in all driver models, new jailbreak helps stabilize head more, resulting in .5 to 1.2 ball speed gains. Obvious with .5 being low end, pretty much its a mute point, I took it and he confirmed to me, the 1 mph gains are from someone that gains efficiency based on the extra forgiveness. Personal opinion the standard head looks good, the Max LS will grow on you. The bottom where all the color and design is for all those times we HAVE to look at it is fine. I like the green more than Mavrik orange but thats me. Will I upgrade, why not I have shop credit. Will I see results, probably not worth it.
  8. Broke my shaft on the sugar daddy 50 degree, had club pro switch out shaft in 0311P Gen 3 Gap wedge into the 50 degree but I want to reshaft both. What size tip? I use Modus 120 stiff in irons and wedges. Do i need 355 or 370
  9. the black has a different measurement than the orange..
  10. im def interested in hearing more on the av raw vs pro comparisons especially in the orange and white
  11. I have a DI 6 Black with callaway adatper installed. Measures 25 1/8 to first ring with adapter on. What has this been tipped? Second question, for the callaway drivers especially, how much does tipping effect these shafts? no tip vs 1/2 vs more??
  12. yea new graphics are slick..def need to change out my mavrik black di for new orange. need a hook up
  13. I need one of these for my Mavrik as well. who has the hookup??
  14. anyone have a good place to pick up one of these, like to try a XC 6 stiff
  15. and how did the modus 120 perform? swingweight and performance?
  16. enough of the fighting about it..point is, the clubs have a purpose. all in all, they look decent, feel better than expected, and perform well. now has anyone tried any other shaft in these other than the stock 90 gram? interested in the steelfiber 110 or maybe like a modus 120
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