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  1. ah i see. well thanks for sharing. swing is a WIP as it probably is with everybody... so i guess i should just keep chipping away at it. no magic fix sticking in a different shaft hahahah surprise surprise. maybe i'll just slap a 6.5 into one of my irons just to see if the weight helps me feel the release point better. did you find the jump from 6 -> 6.5 to affect your swing or feels in a big way?
  2. so when you say you changed for better dispersion.... it has nothing to do with the overdraw? did it tighten up your short and long dispersion rather than side to side? i dont have an issue with short and long. its really that overcurve left and if going up a flex can tighten that in by half i'd be a happy camper.
  3. So i have been using px 6.0 (standard) for around 12 years. swing has changed various ways all the while and its probably the best it's ever been now. with hcap dropping from probably around 24 to about 10 now (and thats cos of poor putting and short game mostly... i think i stripe the irons pretty decently) my question is, when i smooth them, the shape/launch/flight etc is alright. no real complaints. but when i step on one, i have a tendency to lose the ball left. so typical shape is a gentle draw that starts right and doesnt overcurve target. but when i step on one, it WAY overcurves. now i would say i'm generally a fast tempo and i do love this shaft except for these lefts that really get on my nerves. have been toying with the thought of px6.5 but wonder if that would be too much of a jump. Anybody else have tried both or have similar issues and what did you guys do? i just want to tighten up this left miss. TIA guys!
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