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  1. Just got a Nikon Coolshot Pro (the first version)! So excited to use it on the course. I see a door I shoot will differ by +/- 1 yard from less than 10 yards away as I keep shooting it... but I guess that's okay to work with? EDIT: Shooting it around the house a little more, it jumps around in yardage on multiple readings in slope mode. Pure distance it seems to be consistent so probably just calculating. Not that being off by a yard matters with how bad I am at golf lol. First range finder and cant wait to take it out!
  2. I might be able to get a brand new Nikon Coolshot Pro for $300. Might be good to pass up and render this moot I should pull the trigger...
  3. That's a great thought @DavidH88. I like that they updated so quickly for you! I'll look into it. Thanks! Happy holidays!
  4. Next year I'm joining a country club and they spent this past year renovating one of their 9 holes. It included reshaping greens, removing trees, editing/adding/removing sand traps, moving hazards, etc.... With that said, would a GPS device not be smart to invest in? Was considering an S62, but I figure the maps wouldn't be updated with the newest updates and not help much with precision. I'm starting to think heavily that I need to get a range finder? Also, side question, what would you recommend? Starting to lean into the Nikons, considering a GoGoGo GS34, or maybe a precision pro R1. I figure a Z82 would be dumb for the reasons above about new layout. Thanks for any thoughts!
  5. I was going to order one from the sale but found the Olive on ebay in pretty new condition so went with that. It came in yesterday and I love it! I'm joining a club next year so having a hidden cooler pocket is nice to have Replacing a 15+ year old hand me down bag from my Dad so can't compare to much of the other competitors, but it's so much lighter and feel quality. I hope you love yours!
  6. 2 birdies in a row on 15 and 16 and followed with a 9 quad bogey on 17. Ended up with a 98.
  7. Was hoping for a unique color and found an olive utility trouper 2.0 on ebay slightly used for $180. Super excited to join the Jones family! Finally moving on from the bag my dad gave me from early 2000s.
  8. I've been looking at country clubs for the 2022 season in Central CT. Anyone have any thoughts on these clubs and courses please? Golf Club of Avon Tumble Brook Hopmeadow We are leaning Golf Club of Avon as they seem to have a younger demographic, 27 holes in awesome condition when I played, a seemingly nicer clubhouse, and fast greens that seemed to roll true to this amateur. Hard to make a decision, thanks for any help!
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