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  1. haha which is why I simply said compete at qualifiers. On top of the best player at every country club, I'd be competing against former P5 D1 golfers and former professionals. The level and depth at Elite mid am's is unreal and I don't even think can be properly state in a single post.
  2. I live in the Druid Hills area of Atlanta, I'm a student and I saved up for a car and Im looking to resume playing golf again, I was a plus handicap in highschool until I stopped playing when i didn't make the golf team at my college. Because it's Atlanta I know I might need to drive a bit for cheaper rounds, how is the range at Herritage golf links; I've hear the course is very crowded but they have a range pass that looks tempting. Furthermore, whats a budget course to become a. member; ideally Id like to play on the weekends but it seems like most of the options are upscale private courses.
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