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  1. Makes sense that they might be rental clubs. Was really never thinking about any value, more of just unique rarity. I find unique items more personally valuable than per say cash value. I thank all and anyone that has insight to this as I also consider that value. Rare doesn't always mean valuable as valuable doesn't mean rare.
  2. I only also as cause I did find a set of Ping Eye 2 BeCu iron set and a single Ping Eye 2 8 iron listed on Ebay with the same inscription and the iron set claims that they are Ping factory engraved.
  3. Looking for any info in this Ping Pal4 BeCu Pebble Beach Golf Links putter with what looks to be a factory graphite shaft. I have found almost nothing with both Pebble Beach and BeCu on the putter face. Have only seen Pebble Beach on 2 photos and neither had BeCu on it. Any info about this would be greatly appreciated
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