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  1. Looking at his shot tracker/play-by-play for both rounds, I'm a little shocked at how...tentative he appears to be playing. Pedestrian shots of 240-270 off the tee tells me he's laying up with long irons off the tee on shorter par 4s, not giving himself any advantage because clearly his wedge play isn't high level enough to capitalize. Feels a bit like if you saw Shaq settling for mid-range jumpers instead of dunks.
  2. From what I can gather it's essentially a Japan-spec DG Tour Issue but with what sounds like some sort of adjustment to tighten weight tolerances. Nice try. This is like saying that it's pretty sick that Justin Thomas also had time to be a member of Nsync, just because those are the only two Justins you've ever heard of
  3. No, that's spot on. What I was getting at is that for a player who achieves this rare "in the zone" status, not having the added factor if contention helps them stay in that flow state
  4. Another vote for going the 4W route. I was having the same issue trying to get fitted into a TSi2 3-wood. My ball speed numbers are similar to yours and I deliver a bit more loft at impact. Still couldn't spin it enough to make it useful off the deck. I ended up going with the 16.5* turned down to 15.75* in a Tensei AV RAW Blue 75X and am getting good height (105'ish) and around 3200 in spin. Also liked that the 4W head is more compact at 140cc compared to the 175cc 3W head. Edit: also want to note that I ordered the 16.5 at 43" as I intend to play it as a 3W
  5. Probably easier to get in that zone when there's less pressure. Very few outlier, super-low scores seem to come in final rounds from guys who were already in contention
  6. Thanks @iBanesto. Was also curious about some of the other superlow rounds out there on the tour so here's a couple more, with the second-best score in parentheses: - Kevin Chappell - 59 @ 2019 The Greenbrier (Denny McCarthy, 61) ....also, Chappell did not break par any of the other three days - Scottie Scheffler - 59 @ 2020 Northern Trust (Dustin Johnson, 60) - Brandt Snedeker - 59 @ 2018 Wyndham (Ryan Moore, 63) - David Duval - 59 @ 1999 Bob Hope (Paul Goydos & Steve Stricker, 64) - Stuart Appleby - 59 @ 2010 The Greenbrier (Woody Austin, 63) I'm sure someone with better data analysis skills than me could churn out some more interesting stats, but that's what I got.
  7. Here's a story from Golf Digest that asks a very similar question: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/whats-the-greatest-single-round-in-pga-tour-history They measure the top 10 by SG, but that doesn't tell us who shot the 2nd-best round that day. I took a look at the results (using ESPN because the tour's website sucks for sorting). Of those top 10 rounds, Furyk's 59 at the 2013 BMW is still the best round (he beat Jimmy Walker and Jordan Spieth's 65s) followed by Vijay's 61 at the 2006 Deutsche Bank (beat Brandt Jobe's 66) and Adam Scott's 62 at the 2007 Memorial (Geoff Ogilvy, 67). So put Furyk's 59 up there with Geiberger's, and this doesn't include any of the more recent sub-60s either. In this light, we should always be talking about Steve Stricker when we talk about Paul Goydos' 59, too. It's possible there are rounds out there where someone shot like a 64 and the 2nd best guy shot 71 but the field average was like a 73 somehow, but I doubt it.
  8. Agree that his goals, or at least how he views golf, makes a difference. I don't fully agree that he needs a fitting given that he's likely to grow and his swing is likely to change in the next couple of years. If golf is a side hobby for him, a GI set like the M4s with something like a 75g graphite R-flex will make golf easy. If he's wanting to improve his skills and compete even if it's just playing on the HS team, a set of player-distance irons with steel shafts in the 90-100g range (think TT Elevate 95, KBS Tour 90) will help transition him into full-fledged players' clubs down the line and give enough feedback on bad shots to learn from.
  9. Everyone's talking about how Rahm's size and body type are an absolute advantage are completely forgetting about the fact that he has his own set of physical limitations as well, with his limited hip/spine mobility and right ankle issue limiting his ability to make a typical backswing
  10. I know some folks have talked about you having six different types of long clubs and not having 'consistency' in that regard but if you feel good with them all, one thing I would recommend instead of ponying up for any new clubs would be just to regrip your whole set with your preferred type of grip (if they don't already match) and get the specs looked at to make sure the lie/face angle are consistent. In my experience that would do more to help you feel like you have a unity through the bag than having all the same clubs but with varied grips and unknown specs.
  11. If his ball striking stays at the same level I don't even think he needs to become a dramatically better putter to dominate. Just tour average would be pretty ridiculous given the number of birdie chances he generates
  12. On the other hand, same could be said to Omar Uresti, since he's clearly upset at the fact that he struggles to qualify for the PGA Championship against Tour players and needs to use this loophole to qualify against a field that on paper has every valid reason to be weaker. Smart from him to use the rules to his advantage, but to me golden rule applies here--if you wouldn't want to allow every marginal touring pro to qualify this way, then close the loophole and tighten up the rules so that the tournament is really only for PGA club pros who are doing real day-to-day club pro stuff.
  13. I think if you feel confident with both of them for different purposes, keep your set the way it is. It looks like you don't have any huge gap problems and the only alternative seems to be to pull either the hybrid or the 2 iron to add another wedge, but at a 20 hdcp sometimes adding a wedge makes things more confusing when what you really need is just to have one wedge that you feel very comfortable controlling the distance with on pitches.
  14. I've seen a lot of really awful shots, but one time my buddy shanked a chip and it hit me in the dick, so that one takes the cake. No lasting damage thankfully
  15. I think that lead tape placement is to get a little bit higher launch out of the TSi3. He must not like how the TSi2 looks or sets up, and I don't blame him for preferring the more classic shape.
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