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  1. quality on a budget? cobra f8 is my choice
  2. Trying to take it serious in 2022, lets see if the media works. What do you see in the swing? golf swing .mov
  3. good find and quite interesting. Spac's have been a hot trend and it looks like TW has assembled a dream to take his net worth from 1B to many times that
  4. Tiger will be winning into his early 60's, he's got time. He can win with those biceps.
  5. What about his 2022 St. Andrews victory?
  6. how about 8:45 the young man just sticking it under pressure on the par 3. This kids going places
  7. Tiger can win with different swings, bodies, lengths it just doesn't matter. He's Tigerrrrrr. Expect an epic St. Andrews victory.
  8. i respect his work ethic, but so over his speed training and childish behavior. He hits it far enough, good work, now go work on your short game. The incremental results provide limited benefit IMO
  9. Whether or not Charlie can shoot 64 on the PGA Tour is a difficult call to answer, but clearly this kid has the game and charisma that will make him successful around the game especially as he flashes that smile and people see Tiger in him. Tiger is a great teacher and Charlie will learn many valuable life lessons. If he doesn't make the Tour he will likely be leading initiatives with TGR and playing rounds with important people so all in all Charlie has a bright future.
  10. TheNutman

    PNC 2021

    What a fun day of golf. This proves Tiger's raw talent is amazing and he is on track for 2 majors next year and comeback player of the year.
  11. Even if you won the appeal, would you really want to be a part of a club where you aren't welcomed entirely?
  12. TheNutman

    PNC 2021

    more like full release, just like his 320 yard bomb
  13. TheNutman

    PNC 2021

    Tiger dropping 320 yard bombs and CW knocking wedges to an inch, this team smokes the field. And if they don't, you can guarantee viewers will still have to watch every shot of team Woods..
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