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  1. Anyone got one and willing to ship to Vancouver bc? Let me know.
  2. If anyone has one and is willing to ship to Vancouver BC let me know.
  3. Anyone got one for sale and willing to ship to Vancouver BC
  4. Looking for 5-pw lightweight recoil f2 for my 11-year-old. Must be willing to ship to Vancouver bc.
  5. Hi there, looking for some feedback from anyone using these in their kids irons, fairway, or driver. I need to reshaft my sons ping prodi g driver and woods and I was considering these. I also contemplated using them in his irons. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  6. We had to put a bunch of wraps on the shaft before putting on the superstroke.
  7. We’re working on my sons AOA. Right now he’s essentially flat with the driver. He’s working on hitting up with the driver.
  8. Yeah, the fitters here only carry Accra junior shafts and that’s what my son in currently playing.
  9. I completely agree with you but where I live there isn’t any club champions around. I’m a firm believer in fitting and I’ve got all my stuff dialed via a fitter. The downside for me is there no fitters here with kids shafts.
  10. I gotta say, I’m somewhat shocked that some of you have kids that are using 10-10.5 degree heads. I’m 45 with a swing speed of 103mph and I use a 10.5. Can I ask what shafts you’re using? My son plays an Accra srt M1
  11. My son still plays the TS3 irons. I just found that he got more distance using the Ping Prodi G driver vs the us kids last year. the reason I was going with the 13.5 is because currently his Ping is a 15 degree driver. I figured with the 13.5 I could drop it down to 11.5 if needed. Plus we live in the Pacific Northwest where carry is necessary as the conditions are soft so we don’t get a tonne of roll.
  12. My son uses a ping vault 2.0 cut down the 30”. We put the lighter weights in the sole and a superstore 1.0 on it. His putting has improved immensely.
  13. Hello all, my son is currently playing a ping Prodi G driver and he likes it. I was thinking about picking up a callaway rogue 13.5 degree head and I was wondering if anyone has tried this head for their son or daughter? Any feedback would be much appreciated especially if they hit it against the Ping Prodi G. Thanks in advance.
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