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  1. I have hade the progressive glasses since just before Christmas and have had very little issues with them. I went for the most expensive glass the offered with wide sight area. I was a bit tired the first couple of evening after wearing them a ful day. Tried them on SIM golf and they went on and off the first session and for the second session I didn’t noticed them at all. If everything continues as it has started it will be all good when the golf season starts here in Sweden. Br Fredrik
  2. I ordered 2 pair if progressive finally. My distance sight was not changed much as all, it was the short distance that have changed quite a bit. If I will struggle with the progressive glasses when playing golf than I have my old glasses that I can still use. Br Fredrik
  3. Great to see all the response on this topic and I love that all is bringing in their own questions and the replies/answers on all self experience! To sum so far; What works for one might not work for someone else. As life in general Br Fredrik
  4. Prescription for computer glasses will be paid my employer. The distance for the progressive once (if I go that route) is mainly for reading distance and long/regular distance if that is feasible to get. This is new topics for me as you might guess. Br Fredrik
  5. It sounds that I don’t need to worry too much either way I go and that’s greate news. Will have the discussion with the optician next Friday. Br Fredrik
  6. That would be highly wanted, better green reading. Greate to hear that it doesn’t causes you any issues bullseye61 when wearing progressive glasses.
  7. As I suspected, never ever had a pair of progressive glasses but I’m a bit worried that they will make the game even a bit more difficult than it already is. Just wait and see the experience from other golfer if it is working OK or not. I will get 2 pairs for the price of one anyhow, could be one pair reading glasses and one pair of regular once with photo chromatic glasses.
  8. Hello Anyone that have reached the noble age when your eyes is playing tricks with you…are you uses progressive glasses or regular once when playing golf? So far have I used only regular glasses but I have started to recognize that it easier when removing the glasses lately. Br Fredrik
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