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  1. Sorry, I cannot help you with selecting a unit, but I'll help you rule one out based on your requirements. That is the SkyCaddie SGX. The Software on the unit and used for sync'ing is very buggy and the unit locks up every now and then. Also it has an internal rechargeable battery.
  2. I am completely happy with my setup, which means I'll probably be changing something in the bag very soon. I have issues...
  3. Thanks for the quick feedback... click... purchased... done.
  4. I have a question about last years non-conforming Callaway JAWS wedges. These are on sale right now all over the place and I was thinking of picking up a new 56º and 60º wedge. After looking at Callaways webpage it is unclear if the non CC wedges have the C-Grind on them. I would assume they do since the 60º has 13º of bounce which seems a bit much for a lob wedge, but only the 2010 Jaws CC Wedges are labeled as having the C-Grind. 2010 X Series CC Wedge Specs: http://www.callawaygolf.com/Global/en-US/Products/ClassicProducts/XSeriesJawsCCWedges2010.html 2010 X Series Wedge Specs: http:
  5. I have owned a gazillion different Hybrids since my first Hogan CFT back in 2005 and have had various degrees of success with each of them. Of these, my Adams Idea Pro Golds were probably the ones I was most satisfied with. At address they looked great, had little to no offset and the stock Javlin shaft was a great fit for me and was everything that I would expect in a hybrid. It was very good off the tee, fairway, and light rough. I had a tendency to start to have issues with it when the lie was less than perfect and/or the rough was deeper, but of all the ones I have owned, this is the h
  6. [quote name='bfrey64' timestamp='1310583234' post='3388600'] I...I believe that the Nikes have a bit more offset then my x20 tours, which has been promoting a draw basis shot... [/quote] This is something that I have heard over and over again. What is weird is I switch back for forth between Adams Idea Pro Gold irons and Callaway FT Irons. The only impact the offset has for me is trajectory, I never noticed 1 has a tendency to draw over the other. I never researched the impact of offset, but based on my experience, I just assumed that it was to promote a higher ball flight, not to promo
  7. Perviously when I purchased off the rack/e-bay/etc, there was definitely an adjustment period. "Standard" specs aren't really that standard. Callaway used to be very flat and +0.25" longer than most, Ping was all over the place with their lie angles, etc. So it took some time to grove a more upright or flatter swing to adjust to the clubs. I finally saw the error's of my ways and realized I should not have to adjust to the club, it needs to adjust to me. So the last 2 sets of irons I purchased I was fit for and I didn't have to adjust anything to hit them well. For the most part, the onl
  8. haven't had that issue, but I continuously have the issue on my iPhone 4 that it gets stuck acquiring the satellites. I'll let it is there and go for 20 mins and still trying to get them. If I exit the app I get caught in a loop asking me to continuing or new round. This goes on till I delete the app and reload it. And then I get to start all over again with waiting for the Satilites. Never had this problem before, it just started a few months ago, so I really don't use the app anymore.
  9. I mainly putt with my hybrid if i'm < 5' off the green and in the fairway, it's my money shot. Other than that, it really just depends on what feels like the best shot.
  10. I have owned X20's, Big Bertha Fusions, and FT Irons over the years. I currently game the FT Irons again after trying to kick these out of my bag for a few years. The Fusions and FT Irons are without a doubt the most forgiving irons that I have ever played. Shots thin got high, shots off the toe go straight with minimal loss of distance and the trajectory is wonderfully high with the Nippon 1100 uniflex. Also, the feel of the Fusions/FT Irons are so smooth, the X20's just don't match. I don't think you can go wrong with either, but preference, I still believe the Fusions / FT Irons are
  11. [quote name='dhousley' timestamp='1310308912' post='3379096'] ...I'm on the fence between the reliably stable Skycaddie SGX...[/quote] You should go check out the forums over at SkyGolf. Owning an SGX and going through 2 App Updates, the last thing I would call it is stable. In my limited experience, neither the CaddySync Express nor the SkyCaddie App itself has been stable, but the latest code did work flawlessly yesterday, so hopefully the woes are behind them.
  12. I don't know if this is true for the other SkyCaddie unit's but I have one massive issue with the SGX, and that is the software is completely buggy, especially for a unit that has been out for a while. In the few weeks that I have owned my SkyCaddie I have had lot's of issues with CaddySync Express. First I updated to the optional, but that took 4 attempts and I had to remove CaddySync Express off my iMac and reload it to get it to work. After this update, I had annoying issues with it telling me to activate, random lock ups, etc. Then came which again wouldn't update on
  13. I'm a bit of a fan of Callaway and have played many of their clubs over the years. The three things I think of are: [list] [*]Best Customer Service on the Planet [*]Big Bertha Fusion / FT-Irons (Probably the best mid to high handicap iron they ever produced) [*]Dirty Hogan Killers [/list]
  14. Goto Callaway Golf Preowned and get either the Big Bertha Fusion or FT Irons. I have owned both and they are basically the same club. I purchased these when I was a 25+ Handicaper and now I'm down to a 10 and still play these. I have strayed over the years to more player cavities but these keep finding their way back into my bag. The X-16 Steelheads are also nice irons, but I think the Fusions/FT Irons are the best iron Callaway has ever made for the 10+ Handicaper. Crazy Forgiveness, especially on thin shots and nice and long with a wonderfully high trajectory.
  15. I have a SkyCaddie SGX and like this unit a lot more than I thought I would. I purchased it on a whim and didn't really need it because I have a Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 Tournament Edition. The SkyCaddies areal view and able to quickly move the cursor around is great as well as the wealth of information it gives you with a single view. The result is it allows me to play much faster with the GPS than with the rangefinder. The Skycaddie is very fast as giving you the distance and very easy to use with 1 hand. I do have a love/hate relationship with AutoView right now. I like the ability to
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