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  1. The fourth hole today, had to use my snowshoes.
  2. As stated by others, Hatton needs to grow up. If all par fives are reachable in two, there is a case that it is a long par four. It just shows how one dimensional thinking can get. There should be three shot par fives. If all par fives are reachable, I would argue that the course design is weak. Not a problem for me. Reaching a par five in two is rare as I have aged. I still make my share of birdies on them, the old fashion way.
  3. The problem is that common sense is not held in common. Some people are so self absorbed and nothing will ever please them. Good reaction Big Stu. I tend to give sarcastic remarks myself.
  4. If I am in Bandon Dunes, I want to play my own ball and agree with the previous comments. Also make sure you don’t room with a guy who snores, unless of course you are that guy.
  5. I frequently get asked to show my ID to get my seniors discount which most places here require you to be 65. They usually say that I don’t look that old. I usually thank them for the compliment and give the name of a good eye doctor.
  6. I have never been afraid to try anything but find that there are some brands that seem to find their way into the bag. As far as irons go, no particular brand loyalty, whatever feels and works best. Although I have played several different drivers from time to time, TM is the most common one with Titlest second. In fairway woods, Really like the Touredge equipment but the TM V Steels always find their way back in the bag. In wedges, Vokey has got most of my business.
  7. You and I will get along just fine. I have not decided whether to grow up yet as I approach my 68th birthday. I will say though that at this stage of my life that when I look in the mirror I realize that my shirt is not the only thing that needs ironing .
  8. If I hit 100 balls on the range last year, I would be surprised. As I have been a senior citizen for a few years now, I concentrate on reducing wear and tear which leads to injury. I do hit several chips and pitches for practice and to loosen up. The need to take more anti inflammatory medications is telling you to slow it down old fellow .
  9. The Burner Supersteel had the bubble shaft, V steel did not, can’t remember the stock shaft as mine are steel rifle shafts.
  10. I think your 510 TP is too new . I would vote for a Burner (original orange) with matching 3 or 5 wood or Big Bertha from that era and matching woods. The V Steel fairway woods are very playable as well. I have the Burners and V steels and love taking them out. I like an older style bag as well to put them in.
  11. I have two hybrids that I use frequently. My 2017 Prius gets used regularly, my 3 hybrid not as much
  12. I would not use my good persimmons on the range, I would use some of my clubs that aren’t perfect as practice clubs. I would be careful to get any dirt or sand off a range ball before hitting any wood club. It is like sandpaper. Range balls tend to get scarred up and that might also result in damage to the club.
  13. Which course do you play out of in the Niagara Region? I love playing hickory at Niagara on the Lake GC and Whirlpool is always one of my favourites. Both are about an hour and fifteen minutes from here.
  14. It would be great to get a game in once things settle down. Tarandowah plays as if you were overseas and favours the ground game. There are over 100 pot bunkers and they are a wonderful challenge. If you play the right tees, you can play any era of clubs. I played hickory there five times last year and it helped me forget my cancelled trip to Scotland. Going to Fore Golfers Only would make a great doubleheader.
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