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  1. Ok, how about showing us the balance point of the shaft I mentioned?
  2. Thank you for this. If shafts that were installed with the incorrect flex could reach D1, I don't see how 1/4" longer didn't come out heavier. They didn't have to be exactly D3 as I requested and paid for, but C9 is a long way from there. Again, I knew it was possible. If that makes me immature then so be it.
  3. Who called you an "idiot?" I am seeking answers but so far have been given responses that don't make logical sense. How is it that 1/4" longer shafts came out even lighter? The last response from the owner is that he contacted the production dept and found out my request to make them longer wasn't fulfilled. The build sheet says they are longer. I measured them, they are 1/4" longer. It sounds like what is being said is that the balance point of the shaft is the overall deciding factor on sw, head weight and grip weight be damned. If these are high launching high balance point shafte, Aerotech doesn't make mention of this. If this is just going to be a pile on session on how I'm "new" then your response is better served elsewhere. To be exact, I have been golfing for 12 years, last time I had an index it was 7.1 and I even have a degree in golf to include club building experience. To the poster that mentioned manufacturers having multiple headweights, that is rare and only Callaway does this SOMETIMES. There may be more but it is not common. Thanks for your inputs, no further replies necessary.
  4. That doesn't make any sense. You put a plug in and pour powder down the butt of the shaft. Or tip weights can be used. If I wanted to add lead tape and change where I grip the club I wouldn't have used their services. None of this explains how the longer shafts came out even lighter. Hopefully someone with some club fitting experience can chime in.
  5. Did you see the example I used with ZX-7? Haha you must be the owner of Truefitclubs
  6. Did you see the examples of ZX-7 irons?
  7. Has anyone ever had clubs built from Truefitclubs? Several weeks ago I had them reshaft my irons from DG S300 to Aerotech Steelfiber fc 115 cw. I requested they be 1/2" short and wanted a sw of D3 with pw being D4. After paying for the order and paying for shipping, I received clubs which were regular flex when I ordered stiff. The sw also varied from C9 to a max weight of D1. They stated my desired swingweight was not acheievable due to using graphite shafts and not wanting to add more than 8g of tungsten powder. After noticing the error, I had them install the correct flex and instead make clubs 1/4" short to preserve as much sw as possible. After waiting and receiving the clubs again, the longer shafts are lighter than the shorter shafts! Every 1/2" affects sw by 3pts. The longer shafts now have a max sw of D0, with many of them being C9. By default, a longer shaft HAS to have a higher sw. Srixon ZX-7 have a stock sw of D3 with a 114g shaft and 52g grip. The 5i is 38." If these shafts are cut .5" that would make sw D0, in which case 6g of tungsten powder could be used to add 3 sw points. The shafts I ordered are 113g according to Truefitclubs and the grips I selected are 47g. To make it even more simple, I am using MP-68 irons which are a heavier head than ZX-7 heads. Heavier heads plus lighter grips should have left no problems with giving me the sw I ordered. For shafts that are flighted to be stiffer in short irons and softer in the longer irons, it makes no sense that the 4i is the stiffest iron in the set. I have been in contact with the owner where he blames shaft model and flex for being the culprit to not providing the feel that is lacking. As it stands, I am left with irons that are too long with a head I cannot feel. Yes that .25" makes a big difference. I looked like a complete fool at the range hitting every single shot fat or thin. For the first time in over a decade of golfing, I did not finish the bucket at the range. On their website, Truefitclubs claims to be a Golf Digest top 100 clubfitter. Has anyone ever ordered from them before?
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