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  1. Unsure who did the refinish since this was a post refinish purchase. I have used BOS in the past for oil can (patina) restores because they hold the patent to the original patina oil finish. Scotty no longer supports the line unfortunately. BOS great company if you are ever looking. Don't let their basic website fool you, their customer support is top notch.
  2. Hi, Does anyone know how to check how to close previous ads that you have put up in classifieds? I am getting an alert that one is open but not sure how to find out where it is. Thanks! Nick
  3. Before I used LAB putters, I was always using a Newport 2. I like the longer and boxier feel. Just feels a little more aligned.
  4. That is a really good point. I would have to agree with that. Didn't realize the face was retouched. Still wish they didn't require the COA if a putter can't be worked on.
  5. Here is the website. https://bosgolf.com/ Their customer service is outstanding. Highly recommended.
  6. Originally sent to Scotty Custom Shop for a full revamp. They stated that since there were after market changes, they couldn't do the $400+ refurbish. However, they said they had to do the COA because the putter had come in. Was very disappointed that Scotty shop didn't just refund money and send putter back, especially since I had pre-paid all shipping costs. Maybe since the putter was inspected they needed to do the COA. Worse yet, they told me that i had to wait a few weeks for them to do the photos. Was not a great experience with the Custom shop. Hope that clears up the questions. Was hoping to do a full refurbish of the putter with new shaft, grip and re-adjustment back to standard. Had bought the putter from someone who had just pulled the shaft. No idea where the adjustments had been done prior. Someone has purchased putter BTW. I have recently gone through BOS to refurbish a 1999 Oil Can. Was a great experience for half the cost of Scotty. Turned out that Scotty doesn't do Oil Can finish anymore and the original finish is owned by BOS since they are the original supplier. Total cost to refurbish a head, which adjustments and shaft pull, was about $180 with BOS. Great customer service, far better than Scotty.
  7. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter head and original head cover for sale with recent Certificate of Authentication (COA) from Scotty Cameron Shop. Head has a blacked out finish and has been adjusted a few degrees in loft which can easily be brought back to standard 4*. This comes unshafted and without a grip. Price: SOLD
  8. When I asked LAB what options they had to feel the putter head more, they suggested Accra. All the reviews I have read have been fire. Will keep forum posted when it arrives!
  9. It just seems with each iteration, the difference between Tour and Max is getting smaller, right?
  10. I have been using the 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 positions for my 4 wedges. I have found great success with the approach he teaches in the book. It gives you 12 different distances. Took awhile with laying cones at 5 yard intervals to get on the side of the range, but helped me dial in from 75 and in.
  11. I just ordered the Accra shaft in my DF 2.1. Did you use it previously? If so, what are your thoughts?
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