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  1. I"ve gotten a few rounds in yea and I love the feel. the address is so pretty and the iron overall just looks so damn clean!
  2. last I heard, if you were getting xstiff then it was PX6.5 or PXLZ 6.5 if you want them now. I ended up going PX6.5
  3. ^this! I don't think to myself, "oh nice shot, time to twirl it so everybody sees!" it just sort of happens. that's why it's never meant to be braggy or anything like that, just a feeling of accomplishment for myself fair thoughts I suppose. I know some guys like that who think any sort of celebrating achievements is arrogant and unnecessary. I think it's just something to each individual and adds a little something fun to the games. oooh yea, that one I do sometimes 5-6 times a round lol if I feel the miss in the face, I immediately lose all hope for humanity and barely hold onto the club (never thrown a club though, and don't plan on it!) I was thinking of this with the guys who are against twirling lol if anything seems to be arrogant, to me it's the holding the pose on the tee box well after the ball has landed and you know where it's at. GET OUT OF THE WAY AND LET THE NEXT GUY TEE UP SO WE CAN MOVE ON! lol just a minor annoyance I have with folks sometimes
  4. 78 on my last round of 2021, and have been unable to play yet for 2022. I'm trying to pay more attention to what I need to improve on after the rounds and it's definitely decision making. I still do the same stuff I'd do in high school thinking I can pull of the "Tiger shot" and save birdie/par but I can not. Playing safe is never easy for me, but I think I'm gona finally have to start doing it in more often haha
  5. Are club twirls a bad thing? lol I have club twirled after some very well struck shots that just made me feel really good and confident in the moment for sure. I don't think club twirling is necessarily a "showboat" type thing as much as it is just being zoned in to the shot and and committing to the swing and following through with your plan and everything working out perfectly (for the few times it does happen lol). Is it the "showboating" that gives it a negative perception?
  6. The fact that this account name has 2 posts, and these are the 2 posts tells me that they probably haven't been very patient with the issue. I know it sucks to have issues, I had my nx7 pro slope for a few months and then it just randomly started giving me wildly inaccurate numbers, but PP customer service helped me with some trouble shooting and after nothing worked, they sent me a replacement. I got that replacement and started having the same issues (ex. 95 actual yardage and the unit would show me 160 yds or 15 yds) and after tinkering with it while waiting for the customer service response, I found that if I turned off the flag finder or pin seeker setting (sorry I can't remember what it's called) it started working fine again! I've had that same issue now and again when shooting targets but I always shoot 2-4 times on each target just for my own confidence in the club choice, so it's not that big of an issue. I doubt you'll find any rangefinder that always delivers a perfect shoot 100% of the time. I've also had no problems with PP customer service, so I wouldn't take this persons reviews with much trust...
  7. I'm just going off my experience with composite softball bats from playing years ago and if it works the same way, it could get REALLY hot and then "explode" as they'd say. Once the material of the bats got broken in and started to give a little bit more, the balls would be noticeably faster off the bat and the feel would change a bit and get really nice and smooth. I don't know how the USGA tests clubs but I assume they won't have that sort of "break in" as a golf club. I will say that I'd be cautious when playing in cold weather as cold weather is the #1 killer of composite softball bats. The balls would be harder because of the cold and the fibers wouldn't flex/bend as much and they'd shatter. Again, I obviously have 0 clue what the case will be with these, but I am very curious if any of these things I mentioned play a factor in performance or durability with the Stealth.
  8. this would drive me insane! lol my little cousin (new to golf and still learning all the proper etiquette) would just walk by and after a few times of fixing his ball marks I'd point out where his mark was and say "no worries, I can fix it if you don't have a divot tool or tee" and he quickly caught on.
  9. this is literally me! lol I don't have a plus handicap or even scratch (I'm around 3-5) but I usually hit the ball well enough and people that aren't as good either refuse to play with me, or apologize after every bad shot until I tell them I don't care what they shoot, I'm playing golf so it's a good day! I hate to see beginner golfers get scared away from the game because it's great for it to grow and some of those beginners are just fun and hilarious on the course!
  10. thanks! I've been on the rapsodo MLM more and it seems like my driver swing speed according to that is fairly consistent around 110 mph. I have the 6.5's now and I've been swinging them but I ALSO put on the mcc plus 4 grips on there and I'm not in love with those so I'm switching those out. the only thing I really don't 100% care for is that the 6.5's feel so much lighter, and from what I've read it's 125 g vs 130 with the c tapers so it doesn't seem like a big change. still trying to figure out what I'm doing I suppose but I think my buddy has some x100s I might pick up from him if possible!
  11. for whatever reason I really dislike the color red lol my favorite color is blue so the sim line up was always appealing to me. I don't care too much for the look of this one (looks like a repainted sim2) but I am very curious to see what the face is about. I don't NEED a new driver so if this thing drops at like $600-$700 I won't worry about it for a while lol
  12. this was the first thing I thought about as I spent several seasons and ran through so many different composite bats testing out feel and distance and everything else. I'm curious to see if the driver head becomes like the softball bats and they'll slowly break in and get hot and then BAM cracked and split lol
  13. I appreciate the advice! my usual miss on irons is to miss a bit left, yea. my hands sometimes feel like they get a bit too active and I've just always kind of thought that was the reason. The sway honestly was something I've been tinkering with because I felt like it helped my weight transfer and it's sort of helped me gain more consistency and solid ball striking lol I am definitely noting what you've said and will see what I can figure out! Those are what I was looking at mostly, but unfortunately they're out of stock until jan/feb. I've got project x 6.5 coming and if those don't seem to do the trick then x100 pulls might be where I look.
  14. couple swings from the head on view, would love any critiques/suggestions https://streamable.com/izgd7g
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