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  1. So, if I would have waited a few more weeks I could have got this shaft with my stealth? Sweet.
  2. Preorders are available now. In stores the 3rd or 4th of February.
  3. Right now they aren't offering the shaft I play on callaway's website.
  4. But that's only with limited shaft options. They've not available at a Dick's Sporting Goods or a Golf Galaxy.
  5. I’ve actually heard quite a few people say that when they went up in weight in the shaft they actually gained more speed. Interesting.
  6. I love distance, just like everyone, but my tempo can be quick so a heavier shaft could help that a little. But I also don't want it to feel too heavy and lose any sort of distance if that is a thing. Will I notice much of a difference in the weight change? Thanks.
  7. Srixon and mizuno have th best turnaround time.
  8. Mizuno makes damn good drivers. I tried out the Z last year and I had one of my better ball speeds with that club. Must try in fittings.
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