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  1. 6’3”. Tried a 37” putter last year and wound up going back to 35.25”. Irons are +1/2”.
  2. Supposedly they tweaked it for weight and stiffness.
  3. Yea, I look at housing market here vs. my aunt and uncle living in Greenville, SC. Let’s just say your dollar goes slightly further...
  4. Because we grew up here, our families are here, etc. It sucks lol. With the exception of quality golf courses and public schools, there isn't a single advantage.
  5. It’s a profile these guys have used for a while and they’re comfortable with it. Given the results it’s hard to blame them.
  6. Looks like a “T2” head. I don’t think it’s quite as thin as the “Cameron & Co.” topline, but it looks like the next best thing.
  7. Noren was one of the only people I saw put one of the micro-hinge inserts in play.
  8. Modern forgiving option: i210.
  9. I don’t mind it, particularly because it gets the sweetspot where it should be.
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