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  1. Certainly possible in some form.
  2. GP Putter just arrived. I’ll see if I can get some good video of my setup/stroke tomorrow for critique.
  3. For the money, Blast is a pretty good training aid. I wouldn’t be dogmatic about the actual numbers beyond tempo, but as far as understanding your tendencies it’s worth it. It also puts into numbers how superior my stroke is side-saddle compared to my conventional stroke (which isn’t awful).
  4. It’s funny, I completely forgot that I had an issue with the insert on the Bobby Grace. Probably makes the GP the answer for me in this space, which is a conclusion I completely forgot I came to a while back. I’d love to give the Bomar a run through the paces but I like to sole the putter flat, and at 76* that’s going to be a struggle.
  5. Basically if you want one, you have to go out to Ping for a fitting. I think the process is like $1500.
  6. I’m 100% with you. I’ve played (and coached) golf long enough to understand the stats. I’m not delusional, and certainly don’t think I’m going to make everything. When I’ve putted side-saddle my primary issues were related to setup and distance control. Those two things are intertwined. With a short putter, I can setup pretty comfortably and my distance control is better, but my make percentage inside 15’ goes down. That’s the reason I’m trying a longer putter, in an effort to get more comfortable and make my setup more consistent. This should remove variables and give the method a fair
  7. About to bring a side-saddle option back into my rotation. Putted OK most of the year, but there’s still the part of my brain that knows if I want to really take the next step I need to be able to make more putts (tried a toe-flow mallet, was less consistent than my blade). Probably going 50” F-22. If it’s a resounding failure, there will be one more BG on the open market for someone to try.
  8. Just for the sake of accuracy, pretty much all of that is on point except Wi. The only reason Charlie Wi had a Tour career was his putter. He was never a good ball striker.
  9. Just to clarify, the Big Sur actually has more toe hang than the 2-Ball. Where the shaft connects to the head has little bearing on the amount of toe hang a putter has.
  10. My set had a 20yd gap between my 22* hybrid and 25* 5i. For next year I’m going 26* G410 hybrid set at 25* with the same shafts as my irons and that should smooth out my gaps.
  11. Every case of driver yips I’ve seen was the result of a clubface out of position for a given delivery, and an unconscious effort from the body to reorient it. In my personal experience, I had tried to make my swing more upright and my clubface less shut. I got the club steep on the way down and essentially backed out of it, raised the handle, and rolled the face open into impact. It was entirely a function of how I used to deliver the club, which matched my grip and swing plane (we know the swing isn’t planar, but for the sake of simplicity). Once I changed one piece of that equation,
  12. Just a different explanation of the same drill Pete Cowan uses with his students. You can often see Rory working on a similar move.
  13. There’s an element of getting what you pay for. You can find good deals on used models, though.
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