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  1. Unfortunately they don’t sell as well. Naked should always be an option, though.
  2. Yea you can do it in stages. For me there’s two key factors to the length. 1) How do you want to stand/make your stroke? 2) how do you feel most comfortable with the position of your lead arm/hand. Once you make a determination on #1, you can work on #2. Using the super bent over Juan-Putt type technique was tough for me, both to practice and to lag putt. I like to stand taller and my stroke is more like John Dahl demonstrates on YouTube.
  3. Holderness & Bourne makes the best collar in golf. I have shirts that are several years old that have been through the wash a lot and the collars still look brand new.
  4. ZX-7 is going to spin a little less. Other than that it’s going to come down to preference on shape, sole, etc.
  5. They’re both outstanding. New model is more forgiving, but it’s larger. The sole is wider and has substantially more camber, so it should perform better for a digger than the 62.
  6. Just replaced my 3w, which cracked. It was from 2014. Until recently, there just wasn’t a need. I’ve hit other 3ws longer, but this was reliable and very consistent. Just replaced it with a G425 set at 16.5* and I actually like it more which is saying a lot.
  7. They did an outstanding job. Well done, Callaway.
  8. There’s a long thread in this forum that’s worth checking out. In general, I would only recommend it if you’re willing to commit to it full time for at least a year. It takes time, but I believe it can be a very successful method for a LOT of people.
  9. You're free to do that. The hardware doesn't depreciate much, but regardless, there's no need to comment on his post.
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