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  1. You couldn’t be more right. The public pays his salary, albeit indirectly, via support and Sky TV coverage, he does his best to upset the Tour’s support and his fellow-competitors. He must have been coached by Mark James and his parents should have checked him as a baby when he chucked his toys out of his pram.
  2. Yes, all that above is possible, thank you. The sole construction looks odd to me. If I can’t resolve the issue from the obvious points I’ll run some LP air down the hosel. I’ll report back. The club, when hit properly, is only 5 yds behind my driver, with no ground help. Cheers
  3. It’s a SIM2 Rocket 13.5 D 2021 model. When shaft installed the head should be watertight if my experience of previous TM ranges is relevant. Now the head is dried out, it looks like the sole is not intended to be watertight. I’ll talk to TM ASAP. Probably why they make a weird sound at the strike. Thanks
  4. I’ve 2 pals I’ve caddied for often in persimmon/ balata days, both amateurs in the longest hitting category - driving 300yds plus. Handicaps +2 and 2, there should be only c 1 par 5 hole on a course which they can reach in 2 shots IMO. Par 5’s should run in reverse directions and fairways narrowed in or bunkered to reach the aim I state above. There should be only one par 4 reachable in 1 shot but be heavily risk-and-reward. Few U.K. non-championship courses offer bunkering to challenge players of the above category. Usually, it’s the wrong player-categories who are challenged. Why should TH object when the challenge is a huge prize for the DWT and the same challenge for all. I thought the course and event was brilliant as near a links as can be made in the Middle East. Congrats to the new tour. Maybe the LPGA would be better for Mr Hatton.
  5. Presumably these recent heads are so light to cope with the playing length of 45.5” I think the specs state.
  6. I usually sling my club heads into warm water c 2” deep, in a pail/ bucket, after golf, with the shafts leaning against the bucket-rim. But water poured out of the hosel when I stuck a new shaft in. Anyone know what’s going on ? Done this for years with TM woods without any issues,
  7. It’s said he ended up with just a 3i in one round apparently. He found that out when he asked his caddy for a 7i.
  8. Strictly speaking, I believe the tip/ sleeve weight needs including, maybe c 5grams. Perhaps someone more knowledgable may confirm for you. Thanks
  9. He displays the worst sportsmanship since Tommy Bolt. In his own interests, and everyone else’s, he should take up bowls.
  10. Hatton finally loses it after taking a 7 on day 2 and a 9 on day 3 but blames the hole design. Is he right ? Should he be a tour-pro ?
  11. Regretfully, I’ve returned the clubs by agreement. I offered to regrip myself along the lines you suggested or with my favourite Lamkins full cord from my own stock but the supplier probably probably can get out more cheaply by a return. Very disappointed in TM to be honest. Because of the fault I hit only a few shots on the range but, in any event, they we’re markedly inferior to my: Tour Issue RSI TP 2s c/w PXI 5.5s tour velvet or 2010 Callaway FTs with stock 75grm firm graphite’s & the thick stock Callaway grips - hit same day to compare. The latter were the best, noticeably. Thanks again. Maybe a blessing in disguise.
  12. It was a one-off chance to take a good offer on a cancelled custom order. I think Flip4000 hit the nail on the head. I’ve now checked and the SIM2 Rocket I bought elsewhere has the same issue with the SAME grip type. I’ve never seen such an issue before - possibly a grip shortage or poor grip-tape. I’m not touching them, they can go back. Thanks
  13. Played 18 holes with a Stealth Plus Demo 9D on a winter’s day in Yorkshire. Cold, brisk northwest breeze and the course was wet with no run out. Used my own Velecore 6R in the head, playing 45”. Hit 10/13 fairways but found wide variation in distance from what I thought were similar strikes - PV1 ball, not the best in wind. I was tired too after driving 100 miles after 3 hours sleep overnight. About 1/3 of the hits were bullet straight and long, ANO 1/3 were straight but just average distance. The remaining 1/3 I spun out of, like the SIM1. The black and red looked good but for me, best of all was the lie of the club. Loved it, reminded me of the old c2009 Burner TP. White paint from MDF tee-pegs built up in the joint between the sole and the red face, right at the sweet spot and nowhere else. I thus assumed that I hit the face-centre more often than not. This paint remnant is stubborn to remove. Overall, I have to say I am disappointed but would not write-off a purchase just yet. I won’t pay £499 for a driver with TM stock shafts but I would buy a head at the right price. I love the SIM2 MAX with the same Velecore so happy to wait for a price-drop. Hope this helps.
  14. Thanks kindly, I’m most grateful. I’d rather send them back to be honest. I don’t think it’s on to supply new gear in this fashion. I’ve talked to the supplier as I did not want to mark the faces as the fault came up straight away on the range. But the supplier said to continue hitting them. I use full-cord Lamkin and have enough here to regrip them myself. Or I may have a spare shaft with a Winn Dry Tac. I’ll do one club and see what happens. Thanks again for your courtesy.
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