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  1. Is 8.5 your true to size? How's the tightness on the sides of your feet? Trying to gauge what size I should go for. Also, the leather used on the all white pairs looks a lot softer than the others. I wonder if this gives them a bit more wiggle room in terms of sizing.
  2. Seems like Nike wants the rest of the world to have the Chicago's before us bozos get our filthy reselling hands on em. I wish you patience and good luck and hope you get the pair you want. Nike Canada and Nike Korea seem to be in the same boat as you are in Australia.
  3. Nice DIY lmao This is cringe Is it velcro too? So you can swap out different swooshes?
  4. I just called the Santa Ana location, asked if they had them in stock.... dude goes "I don't think we carry special edition shoes" LOL
  5. I'd say just go with a shoe that you feel would be most stable and comfortable. The Vans direction seems a lot better than the Waffles. Waffles might have appropriate looking tread but the sole tapers out and is pretty thin so it might not be good for stability and it's probably more prone to rolling over.
  6. A true sneakerhead with class and taste would forgo rocking a shoe that has the "Golf" branding written on the tongue tag, but then again, a sneakerhead/hype beast that's tasteful and has class? LMAO Good luck to us actually trying to style on the course.
  7. Literally just went to function18 instagram and read the date in the comments haha Cheers!
  8. Interesting, I'll definitely have to be on the lookout
  9. The 3 colorways in the 2022 SU catalog shows that they will be released sometime in April. I've been doing some searching here and there because I'm wondering the same and apparently the Chicago and Wolf Grey colorways will release anywhere from mid January to mid February. I also wonder how they're going to release them. Guess we'll just have to wait and see
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