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  1. Diamana b60 reg flex. Plays about 42.25 in a TM fairway wood. $50 shipped via priority mail.
  2. I'm guessing the Seven nano proto didn't make the cut?
  3. Used Titleist 714 mb single 6 iron DG s300, 2 degree flat. $35 shipped
  4. 52.08 SM6 raw PX 5.5 with standard size crossline grip just put on. Standard loft, 2 degrees flat. $60 shipped within U.S.
  5. Orange dot 4-pw Ping s55 irons kbs tour-v stiff. D2 swingweight, D3 for wedge. Got this last month from a member here at standard specs for $365, and I sent it in to Ping repair dept to make them flat and replaced grips to standard lamkin crosslines. *no longer available* shipped within U.S 17 degree Ping g20 hybrid in regular flex. Bent 1.5 degree flat at Ping dept with new crossline grip. $100 shipped within U.S Odyssey putter headcover, callaway driver headcover, both covers for $old shipped within U.S.
  6. I recall Callaway having a Tour authentic line and remember this FT tour driver. Think this one had a hosel unlike the FT-3/5 but similar looks and low spin.
  7. Maybe got something too stiif? Maybe swap out your x stiff shafts and put these into your woods. $75 shipped for both within the US. Stock TM graphics Fuji Motore speeder 6.3 driver shaft in regular flex. Played 44.5 with the head in my SLDR. Although regular flex, plays firm to stiff prob due to TM 1 inch tipping. TM tip 3rd gen Diamana b60 3 wood shaft in regular flex. Played standard length in my 3 wood. Plays slightly firmer than stock reg flex.
  8. 13.5 degree original one mini driver head only with headcover. Hit about a dozen times. $old JDM 3 wood by SYB. Compact lower spinning 3 wood with a neutral face angle. 5.8/260cpm shaft firm/stiff. Lowered to $60 shipped or trade for 3 new sleeves (9 balls) of premium type balls like: prov1/tp5/chrome soft. Since u gotta use at least one sleeve of the box u just bought. Pin 7/26
  9. *Decided To keep. Got this 714 SYB 3 wood from a member here last week. I just wanted to try something different. 5.8/260cpm-firm/stiff shaft. Some scratches on the head, nothing major. Square face angle, smallish low spinning head. $80 shipped. 7-15 *willing to trade the SYB for a new in box dozen balls in white of the current year prov1, tp5, rx/rxs, chrome soft
  10. I use my low bounce F grind 54 red saw for full shots 100 in and around the green and the K grind red saw 60 only in the bunker lately. Been hitting more lower running shots over the high ones due to consistancy so thinking about replacing these 10 year old vokeys for a 56 D (2 for 1) when i do need to open it up on a raised green and bunker shots. I know the safer option is just go with a 56 F since I didnt get along with the lower bounce M grind with my steep swing but was thinking about more versatility with the higher bounce D.
  11. I play a F grind for my gap and sand wedges and a K grind for my lob. I've tried the M grind and it felt a little fat on tight lies. Thinking about gambling on a D since it has more bounce. Gonna replace the sand and lob with 1 wedge so was thinking about options. Any ideas, suggestions and recomendations would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Lighy used Ping G20 4 wood has some minor scratches and chips. I sent it to ping earlier this year to get it reshafted with a pwr65 shaft in regular flex. Asked them to get it as close to d2 swingweight at 42 inches long. I added some lead tape to get it to d0. $70 shipped Edit: no headcover
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