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  1. That Chick-fil-A head cover is my all time favorite after seeing it here for the first time!
  2. Wtb swag bonus stage fairway cover at retail without markup. Thanks
  3. 50% chance its 34”, 40% 35, 10% its 33”. I just didnt want to inquire any further as I might put in a offer. Nice putter. Liking the bees in the cavity
  4. I almost pulled the trigger but the velo 5r shaft is back ordered till march when I checked on the tm custom site. At this point anything back ordered is more of a hassle.
  5. Red face is for tv. When all your favorite players are hitting a red face driver on sunday, its sure gonna sell
  6. Looking for one for retail price without markup. Thanks!
  7. Not really deals as the lower prices seem to coincide with twilight. They do charge a convenience fee for the convenience of having all the times on one site.
  8. Has anyone been getting custom i210s lately?
  9. Did you tell them dealing with Tony Finau? Always gets the job done at ping! The big 4 golf cs is usually always great in my experience but sometimes have to talk to a secondary rep. Maybe a new hire and reading out of a general manual.
  10. Pending but no action by the potential buyer for about an hour
  11. Tour ad iz 6 stiff flex standard titleist driver tipping/possible half inch Titleist adapter 44.5 inches long Standard cord z grip $195 shipped within the US
  12. I agree. Played the s55’s and still play the i25’s but have some i210’s coming in soon. I wanted to try some different shafts as well, should have gotten what I’m used to and proven…prob made the same mistake as you
  13. Watched the tv coverage today, looked like he was using a odyssey 7
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