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  1. Hi all, I live in NYC and am looking to buy a place in Florida (looking everywhere between WPB and Miami) for winter golf getaways, especially now that I have some flexibility with remote work. I think the best bet is to buy in a golf community so I have immediate country club access plus convenience of flying down, getting to my place, and playing a round (or rolling out of bed and playing 9 before the work day!). Open to other suggestions though if people think it's wiser/easier to get a condo somewhere and then pursue a standalone CC membership (and any spots you'd suggest near Delray, Ft. Lauderdale or Miami). That all said, I'm wondering if you have any specific suggestions for country clubs that seem to be welcoming the young(ish) person influx these days, or if there is anywhere that an early 30s single male may actually enjoy living. Basically, I want to avoid a community that is exclusively retirees, and curious if there are any particular spots that stand out as young these days. I know a lot of people suggest Jupiter, but I'm really hoping to have quick access to a restaurant scene, nightlife, etc. since I will be down there solo a lot. Would be a different calculus with a family. Research so far has led me to Woodfield in Boca/Delray, and I think a key thing for me would be quick access to Delray, Ft. Lauderdale, or Miami (though Miami sadly seems out of the question, if golf is my primary objective here). Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Thanks!
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