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  1. Recovering from shoulder surgery and am liquidating some experiments that had accumulated over the years so I can treat myself to some new irons when I’m ready to play again. Adding $15 to all prices toward shipping. Sorry for the pic quality. Trying to take pics with an iPad and one arm in a sling is quite the adventure. Specific pics can be sent if requested. 1) Nike vr pro combo irons with additional 54* square sole wedge and 58* dual sole wedge included. 4-pw Irons have project x 5.5 shafts, standard length, 2* strong, 1* flat. Karma midsize velvet grips. Wedges have kbs tour 120 s
  2. Not only is it still in my bag but I’ve turned several people on to it. After spending two hours in the bay at Edwin watts I can say that it doesn’t have the extra gear that the sim and the mavrik have but it’s so easy to hit and consistent that it’s not going anywhere for a while
  3. Let me start by saying I’m a “techie”. Even in my profession I love trying out new and different stuff so I fit right in here at GolfWRX. I have tried countless iron sets for no particular reason other than “why not?” The biggest thing that I can say for certain is that l know what I want to look down at. For me it boils down to confidence. Before the kid came I was hovering around a 2 hdcp with irons being the strength of my game. Blades were never a problem to put in the rotation along with the rest of them. Players cavities, players game improvement, I hit them all as well as anything
  4. I had an f7 3wd that fit my eye perfectly but the lie was so upright I could never consistently hit it in the screws. Sold it to a bud that destroys it.
  5. The 3 wood is my worst (most inconsistent) club in my bag. 10 years ago I started using only 4 woods to help me elevate the ball. I trap everything so my 15* was really closer to 10* launch. I would hit it as far as my driver. I fell in love with the TM 3hl Rbz tour. Went from that to aeroburner 3hl with the stock white tie x and loved that. On a whim I picked up a 3hl m2 with the Aldila blue s off the BST. The first ball I hit on the first tee caused the same face on 4 people: . Hit it again on 3rd, 4th, and 6th tees with same result. I’ve never had any club agree with me like that righ
  6. Engage toe sweep wedges are awesome. Can’t see anything replacing them anytime soon
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