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  1. Wow, your situation sounds very similar to mine. I committed to a more body-driven rotational swing earlier this summer. Prior to this, I was pretty upright with a big arm lift which I think caused some of my inconsistencies. I now set up with more forward tilt and try to cover the ball with a tilted rotational move. While it’s been a work in progress, I can see a lot of benefits from these swing changes. I strike my longer irons much better and I’ve gained yardage through the bag and some directional consistency. I’m still fighting a bit of a flip at the bottom of the swing that comes and goes. I’ve joked with my golfing buddies about making these swing changes at age 50 and whether I’ll be able to use this swing later because it does seem physically more demanding than my prior swing. I am pretty committed to it though because I think it’s a better for me now and I really want to see how much I can improve in the next couple of years (I’m currently a 10.1 GC down from 11.4 and hoping to get to a 5 by the end of next summer). I’m also hoping that I can remain physically fit enough to continue it in the foreseeable future. If I can’t, then I’ll cross that bridge at that time and make whatever swing adjustments I need. Just my $0.02. Good luck.
  2. I think you need to really look at your full swing (probably with a good online or in-person instructor) to determine the root cause of your ball striking inconsistencies. Could be club face control - in which case you’d probably need to look at your grip and wrist conditions to see whether they r causing you to make compensations. That said, I wonder about your comments on working the ball and hitting balls OB or in water hazards. Those r pretty big misses. You might want to focus more on hitting the ball solid and playing with a more consistent one-way ball flight given your lack of practice time. BTW, as a father of two teenagers who both play, family golf is fantastic and u should definitely look for ways to get them interested in the game. Lots of posts on potential approaches to that. Good luck.
  3. I gamed MX-23s for a number of years. I loved the feel and thought they were pretty forgiving and long for a one piece forging. Moved on last year to a nearly new set of MX-300s because I wanted less offset. I really like the feel of the Dynalite Gold shafts too. What shafts did you have in your MX-23s? For me, I would look for a used MX-200, MX-300, JPX 800 Pro and JPX 850 Pro set with the right shafts. My son plays 919 forged and they’re fine but don’t feel quite the same. Good luck.
  4. I snagged a like new Epic Flash 3 wood for a decent deal. Inventory fluctuated quite a bit today - I think they add clubs throughout the day.
  5. Any similar issues with Mavrik drivers?
  6. I’m gaming a GBB but am tempted to pick up a Mavrik or Mavrik Max for a bit more forgiveness and consistency. I like the look and feel of the GBB and it performs pretty well but I’m thinking that I’m leaving a bit on the table given it’s age.
  7. I’ve struggled for years with hybrids - longer shaft, offset, etc. For the last couple of years I’ve played 3 and 4 Mizuno JPX-Fli HI long iron replacement hybrids. I used iron shafts and made them the same length as my 3 and 4 irons. This helped and they were OK. However, joined a different course this summer and needed a reliable 200 yd tee shot for several short but tight par 4s. For whatever reason, I struggled with my 4 hybrid off the tee so I put together a Srixon U85 utility with a matching iron shaft and it’s been great. I just have more confidence in directional control and accuracy. Works well off the tee and the ground - the sole is a bit chunky but not too bad. Now I’m think about whether I keep my 3 hybrid or get a 3 utility, 7 wood, etc.
  8. From the tone of your post it sounds like you no longer have confidence in your coach so I think you need drop him or her right away. Once doubt creeps in, it’s hard to continue, especially if you read these forums and watch videos and hear conflicting info. See whether you can get back your old swing and then reassess how you can get to the low 70s. There are lots of posts on the forum regarding getting to scratch or low digit handicap. Most recommend tracking stats to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. If ball striking is a big weakness, then you might need to do a swing overhaul but keep in mind that people can get to scratch without a great swing. Good luck.
  9. I use to struggle with my 5 iron and used a 5 hybrid for years. I just couldn’t hit my 5 iron solid and I think it was partially mental (I need to blast this longer iron) and mechanical (fairly steep swing). Inspired by some of the information in the single-length irons thread, I tweaked my set so that my irons have 1/4” increments between them (as opposed to the standard 1/2”). My 5 iron is now 37.25” and I can hit it well. So one idea is to adjust the lengths of your 5 and 6 irons a bit. I didn’t bother to change the lies on mine though I did add lead tape to adjust swing weights. I’ve also worked on my swing mechanics. For me, the tweak to its length was enough to make my 5 iron playable. But some swing changes have also helped (fixing a weak grip and a better transition move). Actually thinking of adding my set 4 iron back into the bag. Good luck.
  10. This feel sounds like it would result in an early wrist set and a little “twist away” which is similar to what I’m trying to do with my own swing though I tend to focus more on my right wrist rather than my left hand/wrist. Have you looked at your swing on video and does the backswing look OK? I battle issues with too long of a backswing so I’m trying to shorten it and this helps. I do try and make a decent shoulder turn and my feeling at the end of my backswing is that my right hand (which is bent back) faces away from me (like I’m giving a “stop” signal to someone behind me). This backswing definitely felt different and a bit constricted for awhile but now it feels pretty natural. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  11. I’m 6’ and 185 lbs with a 32 waist so probably similar proportions as you. I’m generally between a medium and large for most brands shirts. I tend to size down to avoid too much excess fabric around the midsection. UA and Travis Mathew work pretty well for me. I’ve tried large size shirts in RLX and some of the European slimmer brands (mediums were way too small) but didn’t find them slim enough in the midsection. Good luck.
  12. Tried this in the backyard and had some good results. I definitely tend to get out of synch and the thought of moving the shaft in line with my zipper helped quite a bit. Also good to see a bit of Kiz’s personality coming through. He seems like a down-to-earth guy with a good sense of humor. On the course during a tournament he seems pretty intense.
  13. As someone who has struggled with low point control for years, I’m happy to share my experiences on how I’ve been able to improve in this area. You need to try and pin point the “root cause” (which is easier said than done) and address it and any derivative swing issues. For me, my grip was way too weak so my clubface was wide open and I had to cast like crazy to get decent contact. So I strengthened my grip, made some adjustments to my backswing, and got in a much better position at the top of my swing. This helped my contact but I was still a bit steep and hitting some fat shots. I then figured out that I wasn’t getting to my left side (this was a habit from my casting days). So I worked on shifting pressure to my left side (still a work in progress) and that has helped a lot. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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