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  1. I use to struggle with my 5 iron and used a 5 hybrid for years. I just couldn’t hit my 5 iron solid and I think it was partially mental (I need to blast this longer iron) and mechanical (fairly steep swing). Inspired by some of the information in the single-length irons thread, I tweaked my set so that my irons have 1/4” increments between them (as opposed to the standard 1/2”). My 5 iron is now 37.25” and I can hit it well. So one idea is to adjust the lengths of your 5 and 6 irons a bit. I didn’t bother to change the lies on mine though I did add lead tape to adjust swing wei
  2. I’m 6’ and 185 lbs with a 32 waist so probably similar proportions as you. I’m generally between a medium and large for most brands shirts. I tend to size down to avoid too much excess fabric around the midsection. UA and Travis Mathew work pretty well for me. I’ve tried large size shirts in RLX and some of the European slimmer brands (mediums were way too small) but didn’t find them slim enough in the midsection. Good luck.
  3. Tried this in the backyard and had some good results. I definitely tend to get out of synch and the thought of moving the shaft in line with my zipper helped quite a bit. Also good to see a bit of Kiz’s personality coming through. He seems like a down-to-earth guy with a good sense of humor. On the course during a tournament he seems pretty intense.
  4. As someone who has struggled with low point control for years, I’m happy to share my experiences on how I’ve been able to improve in this area. You need to try and pin point the “root cause” (which is easier said than done) and address it and any derivative swing issues. For me, my grip was way too weak so my clubface was wide open and I had to cast like crazy to get decent contact. So I strengthened my grip, made some adjustments to my backswing, and got in a much better position at the top of my swing. This helped my contact but I was still a bit steep and hitting some fat shots. I then
  5. Great thread. I’ve been really struggling with my driving and have tried a number of different things. The combo of placing my driver in the middle of my stance and focusing on a spot well behind the ball (where I think my low point should be) has made a huge difference. Just a minor question - should I be placing my driver in the middle of my stance on a line directly behind the ball or should I be placing it slightly inside the line?
  6. Besides Franklin Park, you can get to Newton Commonwealth in Newton (end of the Green line at BC), Putterham in Brookline (you’ll need to take a bus from end of the Green line at Cleveland Circle) and Leo Martin in Weston (you’ll need to walk from end of the Green line at Riverside). None of these courses are particularly good - in fact all 3 r pretty bad.
  7. Just a hacker but I have been working hard this year on getting rid of my slice. I strengthened my grip so that it’s pretty neutral now - it was very weak before. That was tough to play through. Even with the grip change, I still had an open club face throughout my swing. So I had to decide when and how I would close the face (in my old swing I’d close it at impact by flipping). I decided to close my face early because I was struggling with a cupped left wrist at the top of my swing. So I started working on having a bowed left wrist and bent right wrist at the top. It felt really weird
  8. Anyone have any club repair work done at the Peabody location? Looking to have someone adjust the lengths and lies of my irons and install new grips. I’m in Metrowest and have been going to the Golf Galaxy in Burlington and, occasionally the one in Reading, and have found their club work pretty mediocre. I still miss the GW that used to be in Natick.
  9. Agree with Langj1 - I view my 50* gap wedge (Mizzy MX-300) as an extension of my irons (Mizzy MX-23 with 46* PW) and use it mostly for full shots (90-110 yards) where I believe I benefit from its additional forgiveness. I do occasionally chip with it, but only under limited circumstances (usually out of the rough with lots of green). I then have a 54 and 58/60 for my short game shots - though I try to use my 54 for most shots unless I really need extra loft. Bottom line, if you remove your gap wedge, you might have a pretty big distance gap between your PW and your next wedge and will ne
  10. Are you guys planning another Golfwrx promotion in the near future? I missed sending my Tour Spider in before the last one ended in the late fall. Thanks!
  11. I was in my local DSG yesterday and overheard a sales manager telling the two sales clerks in the golf section that they shouldn’t follow the price that automatically came up on the register and should use the prices on some list. The manager was saying that Taylormade and other stuff was excluded from the 25%. This was about 2:00 pm - not sure how many new clubs were mistakenly sold at 25% to that point, but the sales manager sounded pretty agitated.
  12. Try to keep your right arm above your left arm and avoid any wrist movement for the beginning part of your backswing.
  13. Mizuno MX-200, 23 or 20. Great forged feel in a bigger head. I believe the MX-20 has the least offset and the MX-200 has the largest face and thickest topline. You can still find sets in decent shape on the Bay if you’re look long enough.
  14. The Mid Sur is a great putter head. Kind of regret selling mine.
  15. Yes. Had the same scenario and it worked for me earlier today. Thanks!
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