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  1. Ive been a long time user of the Graphite Design DI 6X, feeling that with all the new shafts out there that maybe I should give something a try. Seems like ventus blue would be close. If anyone has some great suggestions to try please chime in.
  2. anyone have a clue as to the head weight on the new TM M5? with or without adapter?
  3. been fooling around with a pro orange 70tx. shaft feels great but I'm not crazy about how heavy I have had to make the head to get the swing weight up. any suggestions on similar feeling shafts that aren't counter balanced?
  4. anyone have any issues with sm7 raw swing weights? ordered 52,56,60 and they came D5.5 and D6.5 in the 60. s400 tour issue standard length. took them apart and no weights in the hosel but will weigh each head against SM6 raw tonight. just looking to see if anyone else had similar issue. thanks
  5. have sm7 raw 52,56,60. same set up at sm6 raw, loved them. now with the 7's I'm seeing a huge reduction in spin. very much noticeable with the 60 around the greens. anyone else having issues??
  6. anyone know the off the rack weight?
  7. just bought a spider tour L neck. was under the impression the weights were interchangeable. the typical taylor made wrench doesn't fit. is there something im missing?
  8. I get what you're asking. but I typically play graphite design. shafts may be new year to year but I tend to stick to the same kick and bend profiles, so I know from a CPM standpoint where I need to typically be. more to your point, its hard to just cut and install shafts without know some blueprint of where they stand.
  9. yes, did a reading first with no grip, then I have a grip that I cut to fit over the shaft. those readings were 271,272. then did a final reading one the tip, head and grip was installed ringing in at 255.
  10. Hi All, new to clubmaking, but seems like a great hobby to learn in the winter months. so here is my problem. bought a brand new maltby laser freq machine. I took a uncut shaft locked it in at the the correct length I want it play once cut and screwed on the 205g weighted freq tip. CPM was 272, which is perfect. cut and installed the adapter. waited for it to dry put the head and grip on a did the frequency again. IT CAME OUT TO 255!! not only am I confused but I just wasted a $250 shaft. any reason why this happend, HELP PLEASE!
  11. thanks guys. I have a quicker tempo so I do worry about the s+. might just bite the bullet and shaft up a set of x and s+ to really figure it out. thanks again.
  12. looking to make a change from X100 that I have played for nearly 20 years. dropping a few grams in weight would be nice but not that important. im just not sure CTaper S+ is stiff enough or the Ctaper X might be too stiff. Driver SS is 115mph. any thoughts????
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