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  1. Tried a sleeve of TP 5 out in NM a week back and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Good feeling ball IMO.
  2. PLHR approves of this fed ex cup ending.
  3. I'm really tempted to go armlock in this. Decisions decisions.
  4. Pertaining to armlock on these putters, is it as beneficial as it is to a standard putter? If a regular putter twists during the stroke, doesnt the armlock stabilize all of that? I can see the LAB putter benefit better in a standard putter because the head isnt trying to twist. What would be the extra benefit of an armlock lie balanced putter? I guess my thinking is that LAB standard putters behave quite differently than your standard short putter, and LAB armlocks aren't so much different than all other armlocks. Am I way off here?
  5. I dont really think so. My miss is to the left though, by a wide margin. Its whiy I hate right to left putts and love left to right putts. Also an armlock 2.1 is really intriguing to me.
  6. Man, I need to send in a video and get my specs and get it done. Idk what alignment and shaft to go with. I'm a left eye dominant right handed player. I've always putted with the ball pretty far forward in my stance so it seems like the DF 2.1 would be pretty good. I've played around with one at the PGA SS and it felt good to me. Thoughts from LAB?
  7. I'd like a set of these clubs. I look at building up a set every few months.
  8. How does the sizing run on the AC shorts? Does the waist have any give in it?
  9. Any weight components for clubs I'm curious about I always look at billybobs first.
  10. I disagree. If a 21 year old Tiger showed up today he would decimate this crop of players. Equipment can only equalize things so much, then it's the person using them.
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