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  1. If I were JT I would fire back at RL, hypocrisy in action. If they want to part ways with JT that's fine, but I'm sick of this you need to be a better person bullcrap. Quit cowering to this loud minority.
  2. How does it do it wet conditions?
  3. Hoping for an Inovai 7.0 blackout edition on black Friday.
  4. Sorry for this useless post, but some like to know timelines. I ordered 8-22 and they arrived today--11-6. 1 degree flat with Modus 120 S I haven't picked them up yet because I told them to check the specs.
  5. I have an older version if I recall correctly. Is the 2020 version much different? Is your version stretchy?
  6. Just a random post here, I saw a set of P7MC at PGA SS today and those suckers are small. I grabbed an 8 iron and put it at address and I swear it looks a good bit smaller than my staff model blades. Glad I went with the P770....if they ever get here.
  7. Originally had a target date of Oct.22, now pushed back to Nov. 11 on P770. Any other updates from others on ship dates?
  8. kylesilk

    2020 US Open

    I hope so....but I doubt it
  9. kylesilk

    2020 US Open

    I think it's gonna take -3 to have a chance to win
  10. kylesilk

    2020 US Open

    This is getting brutal. Very interesting weekend ahead. Reed will be tough in this kind of golf.
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