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  1. kylesilk

    2020 US Open

    This is getting brutal. Very interesting weekend ahead. Reed will be tough in this kind of golf.
  2. Good to know, thank you. This sounds about what I would expect from these. I need to try them out, love the look.
  3. Some YT vids the spin looked pretty low. Some other forums I read while this one was down.
  4. How is the spin on the P770? I've read some conflicting reports.
  5. That plug at the bottom didnt cause any issue did it? The fluid feel component.
  6. Wilson Staff model blade. Wilson D7 Forged.
  7. I recently picked up a set myself. I think they are really really good clubs. Feel and look is very good. My only glitch is that I'm more of a picker. I think this clubs do better with a swing that hits more down than mine. I've really started to buy in to the VCOG measurement of a club as something to consider for me personally. It may may not matter too much to someone else. The VCOG is quite high with these. I played at True Blue a month ago, and the fairways were in phenomenal shape. I was getting down on the ball very easily as the grass was darn near teeing it up a little bit.
  8. kylesilk

    spider x

    Has anyone painted the line on the putter? I would like to make mine from a long sight line to short. I have a navy with the white true path. I just need to find some paint to match the white part of the putter.
  9. I'm super interested in the P770. I may be off here in that I think an overlooked area is an iron with some of the tech of the distance irons with a little more traditional lofts. I suppose the T100 models kinda fit here. Maybe this new P770 is TMs answer to that. Personally, I could use some more launch. I like the idea of an iron with the 790 tech in a 33 degree 7 iron.
  10. I'm a sweeper mostly and I've been thinking about the 620 CB. I'm starting to look at the VCOG in irons and this one looks pretty good. I'm a lower ball and lower spin type with my irons. Anybody have any thoughts on how easy the 620 CB launch?
  11. Round 1 in the books with a new SIM Max today. It's a Will Peoples build. Specs are 9.5 loft, 44.75 length, Ventus Blue velocore. Had some hotmelt added for a SW of D2. I'll say this straight away, this is the best feeling and sounding driver I have ever played. I like a quiet muted driver, not all do but if you're like me this is top notch. I'm coming with from a G410+ with evenflow black. I told Will is was looking at a Max, I wanted something a little quiter, softer, and a little easier launching. The Ping was a really good driver. I didn't have any gripes with it TBH. It was jus
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