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  1. Maybe it’s a different model then. Mine is the 2018 square back 1.5 with the aluminum insert. I recently re-shafted it and weighed the head unshafted with 15gr weights and it was 360g exactly. I assumed it was 350, was surprised it was heavier.
  2. If it is the one with weights, they are 330g with no weights. 2 10 g weights and it will be 350g. The 34” come with 15g weights for 360g head.
  3. I love this grip. Similar shape/size to deep etched but much smoother texture overall. You can sometimes get the on eBay. I too wish they would sell them for retail.
  4. I’ve got a Cameron matador midsize grip on mine and like it.
  5. No problem, I meant to add I weighed all of the parts when I took it apart. The h7 head with no weight was 345gr. 352gr with the A7 weight and 365gr with the S20 weight. The stroke lab shaft by itself was 70 gr with no grip and the weight in the but end was 40gr.
  6. I pulled the stroke lab off my Las Vegas h7 and put a kbs black shaft on it. I also changed the weight on the bottom of the head from S20 to an A7 to lighten up the weight from the heavier shaft. Looks and feels great.
  7. I did the same thing except the shaft was fine. Pulled the grip off and applied a heat gun to the end of the shaft with the weight and used piers to pull it out. Came out easy with just 30 seconds or so of heat. Cut the shaft and re epoxy the weight into the shaft.
  8. I have one, coming from a Cameron GOLO 3, and several Odyssey #9 versions. Love the shape and look, has a very solid feel to it. Its a little longer/deeper from the face to the back of the putter than the GOLO 3 and previous Del Mar versions. Love the look though. If you like the odyssey #9 putters or Cameron Del Mar shape, this will be a good fit.
  9. Wow, hats off to Toulon and Odyssey. My Toulon Las Vegas h7 is the best feeling and rolling putter I have. They are fantastic putters!
  10. Another vote for the golo 3. I've loved # 9 style putters for years and have owned alot of different versions of that style putter. I'm a big fan of the Caneron GOLO 3, non insert version. It's been my main gamer longer than any other putter. I have a few Odyssey #9's I keep as back up, a black protype 9 and white hot pro #9. I've played the Del Mar's but don't like the high toe. The Rife abaco is one I made a lot of puts with as well.
  11. I have a white hot pro #7 and a white hot pro 2.0 #9. I don't think there is any difference with the insert. They feel the same to me. Only difference im aware of is the finish color of the head.
  12. I just had a shaft redone two weeks ago in a black finish by putterlounge. Looks great, was $28 plus shipping. I'm not sure about other colors they offer. they are fast to respond to email if you ask.
  13. Agree the tour issue putter have that notch in them. Especially the double bend Odyssey shafts. I believe they do it on the double bend Odyssey shafts so they can get the correct head/lie angle for the player on custom fit putters while the epoxy is curing. It makes the head fit tighter into the shaft so it won't move around while the epoxy sets up. I've put together several #7 putters and it's hard to get the angle to not move after epoxy is applied.
  14. I've rolled one in the store a few times. I current game a Golo 3 and love #9 shaped Putters. I think I'm going to stick with my golo 3 for now. I like the shape of it a bit better than the Newport 3. The Newport 3 looks a little bit wider to me and more round. They are similar looking but a few differences I like better in the golo 3. The insert did feel very nice in the Newport 3. It's a nice putter, will have to try it a few more times so see if I still feel the same about it before deciding for sure.
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