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  1. [quote name='Jasarii' timestamp='1335316485' post='4784036']
    I have two dozen of my beloved TM TP Red.LDP left...Not sure if I will ever take them out of the box, lol. I bought a 50 bucket from Lost golfBall.com months ago...and have been using them...too bad they are all gone now...Sad stuff...I refuse to spend money on the Penta.

    You never know...Maybe Taylomade will re-release the TP RED.LDP one day...but it would take one hellva lot of calls from players all over the US demanding it. :good:

    This is entirely a guess, but often times manufacturers make odd product redesign decisions based on patent infringement concerns....but you figure that TM could have just reformulated the recipie and continue to use the same label - maybe that's what Titlelist did with their ProV1s when Bridgestone sued - and not just simply end the product line.

  2. [quote name='miz85uno' timestamp='1320357678' post='3756143']
    well after reading all the hype about this ball, i decided to give them a try, so i bought a dozen off the bay...low spin??? well yeah compared to the penta and prov1 the reds do spin less off the tee but nothing too impressive...compared the reds to the srixon xv and prov1x and i was getting noticeably more side/back spin with the tp reds. the launch of these balls were noticeably lower then the xv and prov1x, but the rise and fall of the reds was more dramatic as well...downwind shots looked like the ball was knocked out of the sky... played with it for 4 rounds now and im not a believer...anyone out there agree? or disagree? gimme your take...

    In a 2008 issue of Golf Magazine, TP Red LDP went the farthest under their testing parameters, I believe.

  3. So there is a 26g difference between the two, or to put it another way, approximately a 25% increase in weight if one were to use an iPhone vs. the iPod Touch.


    I know that people have been saying that clipping it close to the grip makes minimal difference on the putting stroke, but would it be significantly better to get the Touch just so that it's closer to the actual weight of the putter?


    I have the iPhone, but my triple SIM case will make using the Ping cradle a gigantic hassle and not sure if it's worth it to buy the Touch just for this.

  4. The favorable reviews in the App Store are plants. Mine crashes, too, during the middle of play. I compared this with a bunch of other iPhone apps, and thought that this had best potential, but they need to seriously work out the bugs to get this out of beta.

    Golfshot is much more stable, in my experience.

    (but I am partial to my dedicated golf gps as I don't have to worry about draining my battery or waking the phone from sleep between shots and waiting for the GPS signal to be captured, or having to worry about sand mucking up the buttons on my phone while it's in my pocket)

  5. Don't some private clubs store your clubs for you? Also in some countries where golf is an upscale activity, a bag tag is a must for porters/ bellboys to match your bag to the right five person power cart, especially the Far East.

  6. I believe.

    Got the TSP and, frankly, was a bit intimidated seeing it in real life, as a high teens (cough, cough, BS, cough) handicap.

    I can hit down on the ball with a regular club, but I have to "force" myself to do it and on lazy driving range days, I don't hit down enough and these lazy range day swings seem to always show up on the course.

    You know, weight on back foot at finish, hitting it fat, or thin.

    I tried it on the driving range and I gotta say, this club really forced me to not only hit down on the ball, but also almost made such a swing natural after a dozen swings.

    When I grabbed my 7 iron, yes, I still did hit some bad shots, but I gotta say that I had far more hitting-down-on the ball strikes than before. Best of all, I didn't even have to force myself to do it because my body was already set to the downward striking swing from using the TSP.

    Perhaps the biggest difference was that I noticed that my finish was far better than usual (weight on front foot) on most shots.

    Going to order the wedge and get the graphite 7 iron for my parents.

    No, this is not a plant or someone paid by TS. Just trying put in my 2 cents' worth.

    Martin: As someone who reads patents everyday, I hope that you got some savy patent attorneys!

  7. Well, for my Matrix ozik xcon, I was told that the shaft logo down is best, but that for their non-ozik line, that logo up is best. So the nbp per bb test would put the nbp at 3 o'clock for th logo to be down. Called them and left a voicemail and then 15 mins later they called me and left a voicemail- talk about customer service!

  8. Ok, that is making some more sense. I've been reading this and that on the internet and got confused with my haphazard reading.


    I bought this pull with the mark on the masking tape supposed to be the "spine," according to the seller:




    But my clubfitter found the mark to be the NBP, using the ball bearing tool. The clubfitter recommended the mark to be oriented at 9 o'clock, so the shaft is pretty much logo up.


    The confusing thing is that the clubfitter didn't correct me when I said that the mark on the shaft is supposed to be the spine and he said that the spine was correctly marked. But he used the bearing tool, which actually finds the NBP.


    So going back, from what I have read at other places, it seems that NBP at 9 is most followed (which is what the clubfitter recommended).


    But I swear that when I flicked the tip of the shaft, the oscillations appeared to be more flat with the mark at 12...


    A detailed discussion:



    This guy seems to refer to the NBP as the "spline":

  9. My first foray into getting my shaft's spine aligned. So if at address, the 12 o'clock position is away from the body and the 9 o'clock position is down range, in the direction the struck ball travels, which one is best?


    Naturally, I would think that the spine at 9 (or 3) o'clock would be best, but when I put the shaft on the vice, the oscillation seemed more flat when the spine was at the 12 o'clock position.


    Much thanks.

  10. I am very much interested, too. Perhaps someone can confirm, but are these called TPS screws?

    Just snagged a tool:

  11. 13:
    22degree hybrid

    No, make that 12 clubs, with which I hit my best score.

    I figured that I'll stick to the clubs I can hit and once I master the 22 degree hybrid, work up to a longer hybrid or fairway.

    No 4i and even contemplating ditching the 5i for a hybrid.

  12. After a couple of years since my last post, I would agree that the stock shaft for ap1 (the original 2008 model) launches high, and when I hit perfectly, making that divot in front of the ball, the launch angle is too high. But I hit perfectly more often at the driving range than on the field for some reason, so most of the time, this us not a problem. while I would also agree that you can't feel how you hit ( unless it's really bad), I wonder if this really matters for your average 20 hdcp. I struggled with my mizuno mp60 which gave definite feedback for poor hits before I got my ap1. My two cents.

  13. As a fellow high handicapper, I would suggest possibly checking out a 4 wood instead of a 3 wood, if a 3 wood is what you are thinking.

    There's quite a bit of discussion about how a 4 wood is easier off the deck than a 3 wood, yet still gets enough distance off the tee.

    Just a thought.

    Of course this is not relevant if you can really hit 3 woods off the deck pretty easily.

  14. Being a high hdcp'er, I noticed that I never did partial swings with my 50, so I just ordered a gap wedge from my irons. I am actually ok with my blade like Cleveland cg14 50 degrees, but I am more comfy with my, say nine iron, with minimal loss of accuracy. With my cg14 I do feel like I have to be more precise with my swing.

    Also a factor is that I now would only have to stock up on my 54 and 58 with nonconforming wedges for play until 2024. ;)

  15. Hi guys.


    Having the most difficulty with my Adams A3 Boxer Hybrid...too much fade or slice, when I can get nice straight or slight draw with my AP1 ('09) 5 iron. Almost feel like taking out my TM Rescue hybrid.


    It "seems" like that the Adams has more offset or something than the AP1s that's making me fade.


    Anybody have any suggestions for something that's easier to hit than a 4 iron, yet similar to the AP1s?


    I am taking lessons, btw, although I haven't focused my lessons with the hybrid.





  16. My setup: r9 460 10.5 (matrix ozik xcon5 regular or these days, matrix ozik hd6 stiff).

    I had the perfect launch angle via Bridgestone ball fitting (with the high launch xcon 5)...the next day, I did the Bridgestone ball fitting at another location (but same peeps doing the test lol) my launch angles were too high.

    Thought of buying a 9.5 head, too. The problem with my desired fct setting, neutral upright, additional loft is added to my 10.5 head. there is some info about in the forums about how much fct settings increase loft. thought that the low launch hd6 shaft would do the trick, but I still had high launch angles.

    But alas, I realized that my downswing path and perhaps maintaining my lag a bit longer resulted in a lower launch angle. At the top of the swing, it almost seemed like I was aiming the butt toward my left foot would result in a lower launch angle. With the fct set to neutral for slightly lower launch angle and the tweaked swing, I find the ball not dropping out of the sky as much. The low launch hd6 probably reduced the angle a bit, too.

    The fct setting means that I have to make sure that I have an inside to out swing, but this is better anyway, than an outside to in swing patched up with a draw enhancing fct setting, as the inside out is supposed to result in longer carry.

    So maybe change the swing?

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