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  1. Just anecdotal information. Heard that they both spin the same, but cg14, with supposedly larger grooves, does a better job grabbing and spinning the ball than the vokey sm. Maybe someone can compare their groove sizes. CG14 is supposed to be a bit more forgiving, too. Anecdotally.
  2. Hello fellow Fairfaxer! I was just at Oak Marr today. Twin Lakes usually has grass tees (usually better than Oak Marr's grass tees) open all day on weekends, but both Oak Marr and Twin Lakes have their grass tees open starting from Labor Day - Memorial Day. Twin Lakes may have their grass tees a bit longer (it was last year). I think that 1t2golf is right regarding the hours at OM. During the middle of summer, the Saturday grass tees at Oak Marr can be a bit crowded, almost to the point where you have to squeeze in between people. ...and tokens at Oak Marr are different from the toke
  3. Very interesting. I don't think that mw 2 year old likes it every I try to show her the proper putting technique. I think I should let her just have fun with the cheap plastic set from cvs. Slowly ease her into the swing...
  4. No update for my 2.5, either. Did the $19 upgrade a couple of months back. Now, the upgrade link is grayed out and not clickable. Current s/w version is 3.02.
  5. One good thing is that it appears to have solid tires(?). If so, then it'll be one less worry. Used to do a lot of mountain biking back in the day and it is a pain to have to unseat and reseat one of the beads to replace an inner tube for the SC.
  6. No pic, but wear a Submariner over due for an overpriced oil replacement. Wear mine while playing. Maybe I can lower my handicap if I don't wear it....next time, I'll take it off and see what happens!
  7. I've ordered replacement inner tubes from Sun Mountain's website a year ago.
  8. It's nice of the Titleist propaganda machine to omit the fact that Spalding developed the technology and applied for the patents well before the ProV1 was introduced. Exactly, most patents require 18 months, give or take, to actually be issued from the date of filing. This would also apply to Titleist however, so if they wanted their Pro V1's to be covered under patent, they needed to have filed their patents before 2000 when they were introduced commercially. It comes down to who actually filed first. I also think its odd that Callaway isn't even using the patents. What does that s
  9. Someone harshly critiqueing other's post in a reply. The other overly defensive to someone's reply. Someone saying that I can say what I want b/c this is a forum and a free country. Other saying that if you don't like it, then don't reply. So on and so froth....
  10. On the rare chance the bagboys didn't firmly close the buckle when strapping the bag on the back of the powercart, or if constant vibrations from driving in the rough loosens the buckle, the headcover will protect the putter when the bag falls off the powercart and the clubs fall head first onto the cartpath.... My scotty was ok....but my new cobra driver was bare and got a big scratch, and that was on the first day I took out the driver.... :(
  11. Ok, I got mine new via a seemingly reputable guy on fleabay...but the bar code sticker on the shaft says: L5V SPD RH R 10.5 DEMO Anybody know what "DEMO" means? Is it a demo club? If so, then is it deficient in some way with respect to the retail version? Thanks. ***** From searching, it seems that there probably shouldn't be any physical defect. Anyone know if there is full warranty on demo clubs? ***** Ok, I called Cobra and they say that same warranty is provided and that there is no material difference between demo and retail clubs. The customer service person also said that s
  12. Thanks! I see a a couple of courses I played before...Hansung, New Seoul....
  13. Mind sharing the link? Going to be there in a month and hate asking others all the time.
  14. I think that you can play for about $250USD-ish for a civilian course, if you include the customary sit down snack at the turn...you won't see anybody rushing to the 10th with a hot dog in one hand and driving with the other.... probably slurpin' noodles or eating a candy bar while sitting on a chair at the snack shack. Also includes the use of the sauna....all this if you can get a tee time....make sure to step into the clubhouse with a sports jacket or blazer. If you don't want to stand out, then wear pants and a cap when exiting the lockeroom, which are du rigeur. Oh yeah, you'll also ne
  15. With continuing lessons, I can't seem to work off a fade with my Superquad so I'm looking forward to receiving this one at the "1" setting. Once I start drawing too much, I can put it back to "0," I figure. Sorry guys, but it's with stock shaft. Got a nice fleabay deal for the sq. root of 99,225 shipped with that MS Live cashback thing (check out Deals/No Deals). (Mods, if I am in violation, then please edit as you see fit!)
  16. Saw a Cobra L5V with a buy it now...but someone put in a bid already so no more buy it now. I asked the seller if he wouldn't mind posting another one with the same buy it now price. The nice seller put up another auction with a buy it now and I bought without moment's hesitation. So in 70 days after I get the credit, it would be something like $315 shipped. Awesome. Don't feel too bad being at work 11:38 pm on a Friday. My 2 cents to help the economy.
  17. Something very real: driver: 200-225 (carry plus roll; measured with GPS) 7 iron: 150 (gps'd) 9 iron: 130 (gps'd) Other clubs are like higher or lower in 10 yard increments. Hitting middle age.
  18. Thanks for all your replies. After a couple of rounds, I am putting my 5 fw back into my bag. No. 2 hybrid is to hard to hit. Golfernut78: I actually remember your postings about using a more evenly-spaced setup for wedges. So based on your and others’ posts I got a 54 sand that’s between my then-47 pitch and my 60 lob. Funny, I am now thinking about replacing my 54/60 setup with a 52/58, too. I seem to chip past pin with the 54 more often than not, so perhaps a higher loft at 58 would be helpful (and not have to worry about opening up the 54 clubface or hitting softly). It’s almost
  19. Got the AP1, but it's Pitch is 45 degrees. Now I have almost a 35 yard gap between my 54 degree sand wedge and the pitch. A) So would it be worth it to buy a Gap wedge at 50 degrees, which will almost exclusively be used for full swing 100 yard shots? B) Or could I achieve the same effect by choking down on my Pitch to hit 100 yard shots when I normally hit 115-120 yards with the Pitch? What are your thoughts? Trajectory with the Pitch is sufficiently high enough for most shots so I'm not sure if the steeper shot of the Gap wedge to hit over trees, for example, would be of sufficient
  20. I have the 2.5 and the text is small, but readable. If you are older and need reading glasses, then 2.5 would definitely not be the way to go. I think that the ease in reading bigger text makes 3.5 something to consider, but if it uses batteries, I would mention how my buddy had the SG3 and he said how it uses batteries like there's no tommorrow, so you either buy a lot of batteries or buy rechargeable batteries, which I think makes it a bigger hassle. Just IMHO. So you may want to see how much battery hungry the 3.5 is. Personally, not having many targets was not much of an issue for m
  21. Um..... I have 12............and not enought time to list. KidDoc You gotta be kidding KidDoc....but from reading others' posts, I can now see how it's easy to have 12 bags, especially if you were on a school team. Even with four bags - actually five now, since I just went ahead and pulled the trigger on a lower-than internet price X86 bag - I think that I will end up using my carry bag most of the time......between the shorts pockets and three main bags, I think it will be too much of a hassle to make sure that each bag has 3 premium balls and 3 mid price balls, divot tool - especially
  22. change to, in the order of preference: Pegleg Stuy Pegleg StuyPegleg Much thanks! <-this is not a preference :lol:
  23. I got three: 1 nike carry bag that is getting a bit worn, 1 sun mountain bag for push cart which is horrible to use in a power cart and 1 ping cart bag.... I need your support to convince my wife that I need to replace my carry bag...or better yet, maybe I can somehow show her how the leg mechanism doesn't work so well or how the fabric is torn and hopefully she'll magically say: why don't you get another one? 9/26 edit: Oh I forgot. I also have a Sunday bag, too.
  24. Some promotional Mizuno videos say that a few or a couple of pros are using the MX-200. Please share your thoughts on how the stock shaft in the AP1 is not so good. Not to argue, but I'm just curious.
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