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  1. Does anyone know if this is something that can be done for a reasonable price, say <$30? It has that "JX Hosel" and I couldn't get info on the specifics from their website. Thanks in advance. If it can be done, I'm also interested in getting it closed a bit.
  2. For those who played it, do you think that it is realistic? I mean, can you still hit the ball well with what would be a crappy swing in real life?
  3. Ba_t_rds :( ...I've been playing on and off for 5 years and I'm still around 100. Maybe time to pick new sport....for me the 3-ball putter means 3 putts....
  4. Got issues. With my usual swing, I don't make a divot with irons, but if I do, it almost always starts a few inches BEHIND the ball, whereas the ideal divot starts below the ball (or slightly forward of center of ball?). Are there any tips to promote hitting down on the ball? My instructor tells me to put a wood chip or anything lying around the driving range a few inches in front of the ball and make sure I pick up the chip when I hit the ball....not quite sure if this is legal on the fairway..... Any other tips? Thanks.
  5. I'm thinking of gouging my driver shaft with my putter, as it sometimes do in my bag (well, it actually just scratches the shaft if the putter cover is off). Then one day, the shaft will conveniently break.... Of course lessons will probably help more than getting 10 more ccs in a new driver....but that's besides the point. What's the worst you have done to justify the purchase of a new club(s)? Just in case there are better ideas.... :drinks:
  6. Hmm...Under Armour Grid Polo with its mesh backing sounds cool.
  7. Best shirt to keep coolI've tried Nike's Dri-Fit Pro Pique, Sphere Dry, mercerized cotton and Dri-FIT Body Mapping, but I gotta say, Dri-Fit Body Mapping wins hands down with its small vent holes all over most of the shirt. Second place would be mercerized cotton, but the Dri-FIT Body Mapping has the vent holes, which are really nice when it's hot and humid. What do you think?
  8. I'm about 26 hdcp, too, but I've used my 60 lob many times for past 4 years b/c I don't get on the grn in regulation...nice to lob a ball over a tree and have it fall on the grn.
  9. This past weekend, the ball I tried hitting out of the trees hit me right above the upper lip. The clubface opened as it hit the rough and the ball went to the right, straight for a tree 1 yd away and bounced straight back at me...2 quarter inch cuts on the skin right above upper lip. Was pretty bloody. Now I have 5 stiches...thank god that the tooth was ok and it didn't hit the eye....for a while, I looked like Brit Hume with a swollen upper lip...
  10. Second on the Shox. Foot hurt a bit on the first day when I played just 9 holes on Sat. Felt great for 18 holes in morning and the 9 holes in the evening on Sunday. No pain in foot area after 1.5 rounds. Feet still felt great on Monday after 18 holes. Other than breaking it in on Sat, no pain after playing 45 holes on Sunday and Monday. All walking. In contrast, during the previous week, I played 27 holes (over Sat and Mon) with my circa 2000 Nike TW capped toe air golf shoes and my feet and lower leg felt bad....and 18 holes on Mon. was with a power cart. some people have commen
  11. Have played extensively with Top Flite XLs I've purchased around 2000 at buy.com (so they may be 1999 model?) and 2004-2005 Pro V1s, and my experience is that the Pro V1s travel about 5 yards further for my mid-long irons and 10 yards or more on the driver. No disagreement with respect to points 2-4, though. Other notable differences: If I hit the TF really thin (blade it?) then the TF dribbles...but do the same thing with Pro V1, the ball will still take an arching trajectory for more distance, albeit short, but much longer than TF. I find that the ProV1 stays on the green because o
  12. Ditto on the speed cart. Awesome cart. FYI, I don't think that the speed cart bag is as well designed, though. If you don't use a putter cover, then the putter scratches the graphite shaft of your driver (with the speed cart bag installed on speed cart). Also, the bottom of the putter well is long so you have to put your bag sidways into power driving carts... Oh yeah, it seems that for some older people, the speed carts aren't THAT good - my mom says that it feels heavy, especially when she has to push it up small hills.
  13. Yeah I got my R5 Dual at the end of the summer last year for $189 shipped. (Actually it was like $200 before the 10%off paypal code). But deals can be found...bought my 60g ipod for 330 when retail is 399.
  14. Yikes, pulling cart through a bunker! Yeah, I just wanted to know what the etiquette is as I am using a pull cart more often these days...
  15. Is this okay after everyone has teed off? Is it okay to pull cart over the green fringe (i.e., the 1-inch high cut grass surrounding the green)? Thanks.
  16. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/health/specials/golf/ Just click on the link for "A Local Player's Choice" and the link for "Top Golf Scenes". . . end of discussion. Golf is almost year round if you don't mind bundling up and 2 hr frost delays...and playing with orange balls.
  17. From their website, it seems that the stock Fujikura in Regular is the lighest at 55g and feels the lightest at D1 swingweight. Anybody have any other suggestions? Although the Graffolloy has a 55gram'er, it has a D4 swingweight and probably doesn't feel as light as the D1.... It's going to be a present for my dad, so I'm trying to find out how to get the lighest setup.
  18. Maybe it's the shaft, the forged head, or b/c it's a Mizzy, but I gotta say that it's almost a night and day difference between my BeCus and the MP60. With the 20-yr old stock ping stiff zz lite shafts, any slightly off-center hits were jarring and even dead-center hits were somewhat "firm"....but the MP60 with Nippons in stiff are "plush" sooooo soft when you hit dead center. Even off-center hits are much much more softer than my BeCus. I had put off buying replacement set b/c everybody says how the BeCus have a very nice feel and I thought that any new club I get would have marginal impr
  19. I got the SCB...I've actually not used it on my speed cart, yet, but I've used it on power golf carts and the SCB doesn't fit so well. The putter well extends almost down to the bottom of the bag and makes the footprint of the bag long. So when you put in in a golf powr cart, you have to put it in sideways...not too satisfactory... of course if you don't ride much, it's not much of a big deal. I have to ride with clients for work so I'll probably get something else if I had to do it over again...
  20. Any plans on resurrecting this offer? The weather's getting warmer...
  22. they even have a 750 which weighs in at 79g!: RI-2K16 PRO R 37.5~35 (#5~9, W) 79.0 SI-2K16 PRO S 37.5~35 (#5~9, W) 83.0 http://www.nipponshaft.com/steel_750gh.html
  23. I only found Anyone know of other reputable shops? A guy who sells them on eBay told me that Mizuno factory doesn't do MP-60s with 850s, and probably won't until September at the earliest. Please answer his request by PM, we have to respect paying sponsers.
  24. Hey thanks guy for your constructive comments. I think that often times that what's more important is how much fun one has - if one plays 5 strokes more b/c that person uses blades, but that person likes using blades and don't care as much for the 5+ storkes, then who's to judge that that person shouldn't use a blade? (like usn was saying). I also highly agree with TJW's comments as I, too, flub chip shots or do way too many 3+ putts or blow up in a bunker now and then-all of which doesn't seem to matter much to what kind of club you have... Now the million dollar question is to determine
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