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  1. I've actually demo'd an MP-32 6 iron and didn't find it any more difficult than my BeCu 6 iron, both on the mat and on the course. Rather, I even got more distance (+10 yds). I've also demo'd a ping G2, and didn't get much in feedback from bad or good shots....whereas you could definitely feel bad shots off the my pings or the 32, 60, or even the Titleist 704 that I also demo'd...so compared to my pings, MP-60s seem doable.
  2. Just wanted to know if there were some 20+ hndcps who use them. How are they? Did your handicap go down? Did you return them b/c they were too hard? Please, NO comments from people with <15 handicaps who are going to say that this is too hard to play, yadda yadda, yadda..... My handicap is ~27, primarily due to a bad short game (from lack of regular practice).
  3. Ma wanted to play some more with her $1k Kasco set ($1k b/c they slap a huge import tax where she bought them)...so no new clubs for her. Sister did buy a set of Marumans. The shop in LA seemed to have a large selection of Japanese clubs. She was wavering between Yonex and Marumans. According to her, both were lighter than U.S. brands like Callaway and TM (she said that Miscela was heavy). At my local golf shop in the east coast, they said that they usually sell cobras to seniors/women, unless they have the mullah and the inclination to get honmas. Thanks for your inputs, guys.
  4. Seems that most buy 9-PW from one company and buy the lw and sw wedge from another. It's personal pref, but wouldn't it be better if one got all the wedges from the same model from same company, instead of having a pw from, say mizuno mp-60, and lw and sw from cleveland? I'm thinking of light-spec'ing mp-60 with nippon 950 shafts which are lighter tthan the dg superlites....but I'd like to get my wedges from cleveland with their stock, relatively heavier dg shafts....I don't know if it would be good to have a light shafted mp-60 wedge and also have regular dg shafts on the lw and sw.
  5. Darn, I didn't think that the heel weighed that much. Time to order more weights...I got a type N and I figured that replacing the heel fake screw + plug with a 2g or 4g would be sufficient to get more draw action. I didn't know that the plug weighed that much. Now I think that I should've gotten an 8g or a 10g weight for the heel. Thanks for posting the exact weight SS.
  6. Okay guys, I'm about to mod my R5 Dual N so that I can put in the removeable weights. I keep on hitting fades. Can you guys list which club you have the and let us know how it fixed your drives? Something like: R5 TP 9.5 Before: Shots were fading with stock weights (what are the stock weights, by the way?) After: 6 in heel and 4 in toe and shots started to go straight. I need to figure out what kind of weights I need and these suckers aren't cheap for sure. Thanks.
  7. I'm going to buy my mom a set of new irons. She's not willing to part with her Kascos b/c they are light. So the new set will have to be lighter than the Kascos. Incidentally, the Kascos were purchased in Asia, and it seems that the clubs (for many brands) sold in Asia seem to be lighter and/or the shaft a bit more flexible than the ones sold in the US (for the same model). So what are good light clubs for senior women? While we're at it, I may just buy a set for my dad if I can't find something for mom. So what are good clubs for seniors? Do seniors prefer light clubs? (Especia
  8. If one normally uses the "Tour Velvet" of one particular size with regular steel shafts, then would one use the grip of the same size for a bubble shaft? Thanks. In other words, does one have to get thinner shafts with bubbles than one would normally get? Thanks in advance!
  9. My first set and been playing with them for past 5 years. I've demoed a Mizuno MP-32 6 iron and used a set of Taylor Made Firesoles (circa 2000). I can say that I seem to hit roughly 10 yards less with the PE2s BeCUs than compared to today's irons. So with a cheapo top flite ball, I hit like 140 or 145 with a 6, whereas I would easily hit a 150, 155 with the MP-32. About 5 yards plus if I use proV1. Maybe when I drop my handi to below 20, I'll consider a new set of irons.
  10. Thanks, guys. He's a senior pro so the lessons are expensive as they are...so no tip. But I will sign up for another session of five. I'm sure that he'll like that.
  11. I got at 5-30 min private instruction package. The last 30-min session is tomorrow. I plan to sign up for another set of instructions. So do I tip the instructor since it's the last of 5 lessons? Thanks.
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