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  1. N2N2

    Workable 7 Wood

    PXG Gen 2 is workable.
  2. Agree. I had the JMO grind and yes forged. Really nice wedges.
  3. Look up the Txema brand that once made wedges just like his. Some of the best wedges I've played.
  4. Understanding it has been the holiday season recently how long should someone expect to get feedback on virtual fitting? Thank you.
  5. N2N2

    MG2 TW edition!

    Sorry...great feedback on page 8 from comparison perspective. Either way looking forward to hitting these sometime.
  6. N2N2

    MG2 TW edition!

    From a grind perspective for both 56 & 60 what would you guys say that is similar on the market? Would like to test these.
  7. I find challenging the proper shot from the tight lie, especially wet tight lie this time of year with my high lofted wedge shot. For this reason have considered going back to 4 wedges. Practicing wedges seems to correlate the most improvement for me time and time again. Understand each player is different, but great wedge players that can get up and down out of trash can will drive guys they're playing against crazy.
  8. Newsletter. Extra speed to get back to and surpass speed from 10 years ago. Thank you.
  9. Both Wilson CB and Srixon ZX7 are both definite must try irons for me. I'll bet both sets are great.
  10. Have the custom shaft options been advertised yet?
  11. Sqairz Men's Golf Shoes ARROW - White with Red Size: 9.5 Change
  12. Still one of the better wedges I've used. Wish I could get a new one or wedge with updated technology that had same shape/grind. Especially like the 52.
  13. Anymore feedback on those who have hit these? I haven't seen them in person yet.
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