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  1. From a shock dampening standpoint I am interested in MMT's vs. KBS Tour 120 I play now if I could get same or better numbers/results. It is correct to assume shock dampening would improve if I made the switch? I've had Steelfibers in the past, but went back to steel on last few sets of irons. Thank you.
  2. US KIds Golf Bags
  3. Man_O_War - Ha, pretty funny. Good catch on my misspelling. SIM has a shallower face. Both good drivers. I just found the Mavrik SZ to me more left on my misses, but I'm sure that will vary by player.
  4. I agree with others that Mavrik SZ is more of a 2 way miss. More left than anything. Never got it dialed in over 10 rounds. Definitely long when flushed, but just not enough for me to keep it. I don't own the SIM, but played with it a few rounds. Swallower face compared to Mavrik and more of a one way miss, right which I prefer.
  5. Ready to try this club! Have enjoyed Srixon utility, but preferred u65 over u85 due to shaft preference that launched higher with 65. I really want to try this club as soon as it is available.
  6. Loft and flex of the SpeedZone and SpeedZone Xtreme drivers you want to test? 10.5 in Speedzone and maybe 9.0 in Xtreme. Stiff in both. What is the biggest factor in buying a new driver? Performance and hopefully predictability. Do you adjust your drivers after buying? Sometimes. Current Driver Setup? 10.5 Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero with Aldila Rogue White 60 gram. I really like the Rogue White 130. It is smooth. Were you fit for that driver? Yes.Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? For certain.
  7. Revisiting this thread. I've been a big fan of Srixon utility clubs. The u65 20 is really good for me and had nice high flight. I thought the stock shaft was a little light (silly) and sold u65 last year and got the u85. The u85 is good too. That said, the stock shaft with Recoil is lower ball flight. So instead of 210sh nice and high the Recoil it is just a little lower. I like the u65 just a little better I guess for this reason for how I use this club. Rarely use it off the tee. Considering re-shafting u85, but have no idea what shaft I would get. I agree with mootrail's comments
  8. I've played both and currently have the U85 20 degree. I don't think there is more offset in U85 and sets up the same. I'm sure you could look up offset in both, but didn't notice a difference. The only difference in performance for me is the U85 is slightly lower ball flight. Pretty sure it is the difference in shafts though. Both U65 and U85 are easily to elevate and great clubs.
  9. The shaft is a KBS CT Tour. I've tested a bunch of putters over the years. It is very stable, easy to align and holds line well. Have 3 rounds with it now. I don't think it is too soft and often I don't like inserts. It is a personal preference on putters, but for me this is an outstanding design.
  10. Not sure if it is more forgiving than X. It is very forgiving though in my opinion and put repeatable stroke.
  11. Played 9 today with spider s putter. I thought it was a fantastic putter. Easy to align/good distance control/easy to roll. For everyone who likes it, someone else won't. Good news is there are many good putters out there for sure.
  12. Ready to try this club for off the tee primarily.
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