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  1. QuigleyDU - I started reading this thread and it does sound like a fun experiment to try to this putter shaft. Originally, I thought I could put the shaft in a Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11, but I realized after reading your post that didn't look to be the case. Thanks for the insight.
  2. Did you end up trying the smooth version out?
  3. I own a set of TS1's with KBS Tours S. Great set of irons and not crazy unforgiving at all in my opinion. I have a set of 110 Recoils S I plan to re-shaft TS1's with only because I want both of my current sets of irons I play to have graphite shafts.
  4. I play MMT's and really want to try the Catalyst 100 at some point. Catalyst don't seem to be an upgrade offering for many OEM's. Almost would need to go the component route like Maltby it seems or maybe I'm wrong. Does anyone know if it is correct that there limited OEMs that offer Catalyst graphite upgrade?
  5. Do you remember how much per shaft?
  6. I emailed KBS to see what they said was TGI equivalent or closets to KBS Tour 120 S flex. They said 95 gram TGI.
  7. What KBS TGI is most equivalent to the KBS Tour 120 S flex? 100? I think.... Thanks for your insight.
  8. Thanks. I've been playing Black 6S this season un-tipped. Kind of got talked into it. It is an amazing shaft for hitting the fairway, but I do see times towards end of round or sporadically where I need more launch. Playing at 45.5" which I would prefer to move back to 45" I think. Agree, I don't like shafts that feel stiff either and I'm definitely a smooth transition vs. aggressive. Being I'm typically 105 range and don't practice much have considered attempting switch from Black to Red. I know I want to stay with Ventus either way. Thanks again.
  9. Would love to hear how the Red 7 tipped worked out for you. What length are you playing your driver? Thanks.
  10. New Edel wedges are special. Right fit and you can't go wrong. I was playing Vokey's, but Edel's are $.
  11. 1. Tulsa, OK 2. 3.9 3. Current irons. Homna 747X 4. Current Iron Shafts MMT 90S 5. What weight KBS PGI shafts would you like to test? 90G 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes.
  12. Finding wedges I love and a 3 wood have always been the most difficult clubs to find for me. I've been playing some old Vokey's from several seasons ago before the Edel's. I'm hard pressed to think I can find a better wedge for me right 100 yards in. Big fan!
  13. Same feeling around the greens. Solid all around. These wedges are really good. I have 54/58 in V grind.
  14. Hit these wedges for the first time this week. They are so good!!! Get properly fit and I don't see how someone wouldn't like these.
  15. I've had a Series 2 Pro Slope for several months now. I think it is above average for the $. Not amazing, but good. Overall, I'm pleased. The magnetic strap is my one big complaint for when riding in cart. Often when I hit a small bump it will fall off. I would be interested to try the Series 3 to see if there is a big upgrade in the rangefinder.
  16. Pepperturbo - Great summary. I'm playing MMT 105 s in my irons. I'm really interested in the new T-100s irons. How would you say Tensei AV White (which looks to be what Titleist is offering in graphite) compares to MMT's? Thank you sir.
  17. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4
  18. Thank you. I have the Proto X in 9. It's pretty good, but must admit I've thought about a new driver. I don't like left either. If I purchased a new X would go 10.5 and open the face. XF and 0211 had me thinking. PXG price is great right now, but don't need either. Ha. Thanks again.
  19. @evoviiiyou do you find the XF draw biased? I thought it was advertised that way. Not my preference, but I haven't hit the XF yet. Thank you.
  20. Never tried SST pure alignment, but set consistency and repeatability would be desired results. Would love to try it. Honma TW-X irons with MMT's.
  21. I've played with my 2.1 ~10 rounds. The weather was terrible when I first got it. Here are current thoughts. I like the putter and do think it is a good putter. For me, I find it to be much better putter on faster greens. I have a lot harder time on slower greens with the 2.1 and feel like I have to take a very big stroke. I've putted really well at times with this putter. My last few rounds I've putted pretty poorly. In the setup like others have mentioned in this long thread make sure not to get the ball too far back in your stance. Like any putter you have to put in the work and it isn't a magic putter. It is a really good putter though.
  22. What have you thought so far?
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