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  1. I have played midsized Grip Master wraps, the Golf Pride CP2s and Lamkin Sonar wraps over past years. I’m now looking at new grips, and still prefer wraps. I made a poor change to the GP Velvet plus4 and really miss both the wrap style and shock absorption. I’m now thinking about Superstroke Traxion Wrap midsize since both Sonar and CP2 wraps in midsize increase weight too much.
  2. Stuart, if I add 10 grams by changing grips (and going to midsize), will that effect swingweight or relative feel?
  3. Clearing my closet after wife bought me new clubs for anniversary! Pricing to sell. Scotty Cameron Coronado Two. This is late 90’s Pro Platinum version only made for UK market. It’s in good condition (see photos), lengthen from 34 to 35.5” with Iomic grip. $425 w/ shipping CONUS, OBO Mizuno MP-20 MMC Irons 4-PW with Accra Tour 100i stiff shafts. Standard loft, lie and length. Used for one season and in great shape, just some bag chatter and a little paint bag wear on short irons shafts. Lamkin Sonar+ wraps midsize grips. SOLD Titleist 718 AP2 irons 4-pw with Aldila NV green MLTI Pro-105x shafts (extra stiff double soft stepped, played like a firm S), 1/4 long, 4 iron with NV 105 hybrid stiff, standard lofts, lies. Used for several seasons, great condition with normal bag wear. GP CP2 midsize wrap eve weal extra tape wraps. SOLD Mizuno 2021 CLK Hybrid 19* (can play 17-21 degrees). Excellent condition, used only several rounds. Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 70 stiff shaft and Lamkin Sonar+ midsize wrap grip. SOLD Mizuno T20 wedges - 52 & 58. Aldila TGI 120 graphite wedge shafts stiff. Have the original pulled Nippon Modus 115 wedge shaft and can include. Lamkin Sonar+ wrap midsize grip. $140 shipped CONUS Cobra King SZ Tour 3 wood, with choice of either Tensei Orange Pro-CK stiff 70gram with MR70 tip or HZRDUS Smoke yellow stiff, 70 gram small batch shaft. Lamkin Sonar+ wrap midsize grip. $165 shipped CONUS Fourteen RM4 Wedges - 52/58. 58 in H grind. Mitsubishi MMT Scoring Wedge 125tx shafts with Boyd Blade & Ferrule Co. ferrules in great condition, Lamkin Sonar+ wrap midsize grip. SOLD
  4. The 125tx scoring wedge are nice shafts, not overly stiff and give me nice control to flight my wedges down while still maintaining feel around the greens. I’m about to put my 52/58 Fourteen RM-4’s with MMT 125tx in the classified since wife bought me new wedges for anniversary. The new ones also have the 125tx!
  5. I also tried the 01 and was impressed, but looking for a little more game improvement. The 05 was just slightly too thick topline and offset.
  6. Have one on order now….
  7. Does anyone focus on making impact high on the putter face. Stan Utley posted a photo of Jay Haas’ putter with a wear spot high up on the face. Forward lean, descending stroke or both? I’m trying to find a video of Haas to determine. I played a pro am once with him and an amazing putter, really great at pace control.
  8. Try a piece of cardboard under your trail foot and pressure it clockwise in transition at P4 (if you’re right handed). This twisting force into the ground then allows me to then leverage ground forces from P6 through P8. Here’s a link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rvvwiSAOyw
  9. I’d look at the ProtoConcepts too. Felt more solid and forgiving vs the 747v. Either the C03 or C05’s for your handicap level.
  10. I’ve worked on the above, and while I do feel the pressure shifting toward lead side between P3 to P4, I still feel that my trail foot pressure into the ground initiates transition with a clockwise downward pressure into the ground on the trail foot. The reaction of the lead leg and hip happen without just placing them into position.
  11. Bruce Lietzke, 13 wins on the tour and definitely only worked the ball left to right.
  12. Tested the CO3s earlier this week. Great looking grind and as solid as any forged iron I’ve hit before. Felt like a combination of Miura solid and Mizuno soft! Now I have a set on order!!
  13. Has anyone tried Honma TR21 3 wood? Very traditional shape and smaller size. I hit their 5 woods which is very hot, and can only imagine with the right shaft the 15* is outstanding.
  14. Yes, but how many do? The migration to China has been driven by price, not quality. The latter comes with a trade off on the former.
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