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  1. Nicklaus, Crenshaw and Faxon all with trail shoulder lower. Arguably the three best putters of their generation. I could always see the line better with lower trail shoulder and an open stance.
  2. Jeff Brehaut is teaching in the Salt Lake area now. Excellent teacher, both full swing and short game.
  3. How much has the shape changes from 818 to TS3 to TSi3? My 913 hD still appears less pear shaped.
  4. What’s the trajectory on your 818 H2?
  5. I’ve tried most hybrid models over the years, but the Titleist 913 hD 18 degree has been in my bag since 2013. It’s the only one I’ve liked both the visual look (no onset or offset), feel/sound and have been able to shape (low handicap, 110 mph driver speed here). I’m currently going between my 913 hD and last years Mizuno CLK 19. My problem is that hybrids like the Mizuno appear either slightly onset, too rounded in the toe, or sound pingy and hollow. The 913 has that slightly square toe, and solid sound. I’ve heard that either the 818 h2 or TS3 are close to my 913, b
  6. I’ve had the Clk for a month after years in the 913 hD. While the Clk is easy to hit high, I’ve not been able to adjust to the slight onset look and will be posting for sell shortly. Considering moving to Tsi3 which seems to be closest Titliest to the old 913 hD. I like the square no on or offset look.
  7. Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver 9, Aldila Tour Green 65gram, Stiff. The club is in excellent condition (see photos). SOLD Callaway GBB EPIC SUB ZERO 15 Fwy Wood, Aldila ROGUE MAX 75-S. This club is in excellent condition (see photos). SOLD Two HZRDUS SMOKE YELLOW 70 fairway shafts, Stiff, 6.0 Flex Small Batch (see logo on shaft), 6.0 TS - 41.75” (excellent condition), cobra fairway adaptor, $100 OBO, $10 shipping CONUS Standard product version - 42” (brand new), cobra fairway adaptor, $60 OBO, $10 shipping CONUS HZRDUS SMOKE BLACK 60 driver
  8. Very nice and brings back memories of the two Ming’s I regret selling. One was copper plated, the other was a stamped by David ‘hand made’ since he put into considerable work softening of he bumpers. Enjoy....
  9. I’m debating on getting my family Irish and Scottish tartans. What do folks think of these?
  10. Any idea where Fourteen is forging these wedges now? I believe they used to use Endo, but with the RM4’s I haven’t heard.
  11. I haven’t been able to find published weights on Cobra and Callaway fairway woods. My Cobra’s SZ tour feels heavier despite the very small head. Previous in Epic SZ 3 wood.
  12. Does anyone else feel that these cobra sz fairway woods are heavy? Feels heavier than my former callaway and tm ones. I had similar with the original baffler release in 2016 and removed/reduced the weights. I’m replacing the 12g with an 8g weight in my tour 3 wood now and will see how it plays. Love both the shape and feel/sound.
  13. I’m still trying to figure out my Speedzone tour 3 wood. It’s a great looking small classic head shape. I hit it very high and experimenting with different shafts. The good shots are great, really solid but still too high (was set at 15 degrees). I need to figure out the right shaft and bottom weight combination. I’ve tried the Hrzdus Smoke Yellow small batch TS and Aldila Tour Green TS. Just not consistent with good trajectory control on either. I was thinking of trying either a Tensei Pro Orange or Hrzdus Black?
  14. I need a putter fitting. I have several nice handmade Mills and Byron’s that need lie and loft’s checks and adjustments. Maybe reshaft also. Does Joe Kwok do putters? Or where??
  15. Here are several. The neck is stamped ‘by DAVID’
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