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  1. Thanks, I’m looking forward to trying this weekend. I really loved the Accra iTour 125s (both feel, stiff performance and clean graphics) in my Japanese CGS Orion SPY-1 Type S wedges, but they stopped making. Their new 130 gram has ugly graphics and softer flex, so I decided to try the MMT Tx Scoring wedge shafts. Previous SF iron and Fujikura wedge shaft experience wasn’t positive enough.
  2. I just reshafted with the MMT 125 TX Scoring Wedge shafts. I’ll post more after thorough testing.
  3. The new Fourteen RM4’s.
  4. I have, got a nice Softtail from them. Excellent service and delivery was quick.
  5. Ok, just got new Fourteen wedges and my favorite Accra Tour 125 graphite shaft has changed (130 gr and different profile). I’m considering the MMT, SF and not sure what else yetz. I didn’t like the Fujikura MCI’s in 115, not sure what the difference is in their new on. I like the 125 weight range, soft feel since gaming Accra 100i’s in my irons which are very solid, yet soft. Suggestions?
  6. How do those shafts play in your Edel’s? What’s both the trajectory and feel like?
  7. The new Fourteen RM4’s. Instantly my favorites since the old Miura Cleveland 588’s.
  8. I checked my putting recently with a Blast golf sensor. Using a 6 foot putter to test, my backstroke to through stroke tempo was about 1.4 to 1 (where Blast and Brad Faxon recommend closer to 1.8 to 2.0 to 1). What’s interesting is the my backstroke is a little fast (.5 to .55 seconds) and also inconsistent & long (9 to 12 inches) for such a short putt (and Blast recommends 6” for a 6 ft putt). Then my downstroke slows at (years ago a SAM analysis showed me 2 separate deceleration patterns in my through stroke - in transition and again right before impact). I can dial in a s
  9. I’ve played both the Epic SZ and now Mavrik SZ in the CK Pro Orange. I like the feel so much this year I added the same shaft in 75gr to my 3 wood and then my hybrid. Really solid, consistent shaft.
  10. I still miss my pencil thin shafts from boyhood Mills and Spaulding putters. I like that feeling of the shaft loading and unloading. These new ultra stiff shafts speak to better accuracy, but I can’t get any feel and speed control with them.
  11. I recently reshafted two of my Mills and Swag putters with Nippon shafts. While I’ve used Nippon putter shafts before, I had forgotten how nice these shafts feel. It really smooths out the feel. It doesn’t deaden the way graphite can or create a boardy feel the way some of the new very stiff options can. It makes each strike feel more solid, possibly a slightly lower pitch sounding strike. I’ve found this translates into better, more precise feel. This coming from both SS Mills and Swag putter that had TT and KBS putter shafts previously.
  12. Has anyone tried this drill before: https://www.instagram.com/p/CE_EkEnFqHf/?utm_medium=copy_link It really makes my right hip turn back early and high. It also creates a very different, more dynamic loading feel. I had always felt left knee and hip moving out toward ball more. I appreciate other views on this drill.
  13. I think the posture and balance points aren’t always understood when folks interpret Gankas’ videos. People see the left leg going external and often miss the rest of the alignment matchups. I actually don’t see his swing causing back pain in comparison to alternatives. I’m in my 6th decade playing golf and have had lower back surgery in the past. I actually find his swing approach, from setup of balance points to overall matchups reduces stress on my back. It certainly doesn’t aggravate mine at all.
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