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  1. Founders Club Fresh Metal Plus (FMP) from god-knows-when in the 1990s.
  2. TaylorMade R510 TP Sonartec SS-03 3 wood TaylorMade V-Steel fairways
  3. Negative, ghostrider - it's covering my Rapture 9* driver.
  4. I have one in Orange if you're interested. It's used, but barely - practically new. It's on my spare bag of clubs which are currently in FL (I'm in MA), but it should be up here sometime in May. Lemme know.
  5. i haven't tried the Nike. This is my first non-Hoofer since 1997
  6. i just carried a quick 9 with my 3.0, and while it is heavier than my old (2018) Hoofer, it carried so much lighter. The shoulder straps are heavenly and it balances so freakin' good.
  7. My buddy still pokes his G LST past my SIM every freakin' time we tee it up.
  8. Some better players (I'm not one of them) intentionally hit shots off the toe of the wedge for slower ball speeds on tricky, slippery, fast chip shots around the green, thus extending the grooves all over the face. Granted, I agree that they're hideous, but they're there for a reason.
  9. Did they give you the option of single strap vs dual strap?
  10. I've been gaming the MMC's since I got fit for them in 2018. I haven't hit the 919s or 921s, but having hit my buddy's 785's, I can tell you that the the blade length at least LOOKS considerably longer than that of that MMCs; so much so, that it made the MMCs look far more compact at address. Again, the specs might tell a different story, but visually it was very, very noticeable.
  11. Fresh from Chicago! My one disappointment is the headcover is Velcro, not magnet. A minor quibble, though.
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