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  1. Taylormade SLDR or Titleist TS3 both compact and easy to launch for me
  2. Argolf Merlin modern take on bullseye, 380 gram heavy head, 304 stainless awesome feel https://www.argolfusa.com/product/merlin-blade-milled-putter/
  3. I like the look but prefer the look of the my TS3. It has been in the bag for almost 2 years now and I don't see it being replaced by the TSi unless performance is significantly better. I used to change drivers every couple of months and the TS3 has been the longest a driver has lasted in my bag in 20 years. I'm sure Titleist will do great with these.
  4. I just checked out their website they make beautiful putters. Thanks for sharing I have never heard of them before. I am not currently in the market for a putter but you never know.
  5. Just another update still very very happy with making the switch to this shaft. As I stated in my initial post I felt like putting was one of the things holding me back on getting to the next level My last 6 rounds have been in the 70's with only three 3 putts in those 6 rounds total. Probably playing closer to a 4-5 Hdcp right now. I don't know if I will post anymore updates on this as you guys get the picture that it has made a significant impact on my putting. The good putting seems to have taken the pressure off other aspect of my game also.
  6. VA golfer

    Putter Type

    I play an Argolf Merlin which is a modern take on the bullseye. It is a heavy 380 grams center center shafted putter with full toe hang.
  7. Personal best putting day 24 putts for a round of 76. I was doing a lot of scrambling but a made a bunch of clutch putts.
  8. I know I need to make up strokes elsewhere as well but if I can shave 2-3 strokes a round by less 3 putts or making a few more 5-10 footers. After every round I always felt that I easily could have shot 3-4 strokes better because I felt if only I converted a few more putts. I also know that I lose a few strokes a round with the driver.
  9. My apologies for misleading info on yardage loss. I was basing my info on loft only for Irons forgetting to take into account the shorter shafts affect on that yardage also.
  10. I did not get to try all 4. I only tried the 400 which felt way to firm for me and based on the info I had gained based on my stroke I was a better fit for the softer feeling profile. I am very much a feel player and don't like insert putters because I like feedback in my putter. Many people are worried that they will lose feel with a graphite putter shaft as was I. I can honestly I have not lost any amount of feel with this shaft. I personally think Accra has done a terrible job of advertising/marketing this shaft. I bet that if they were to send each of their fitters the 4 different shaft
  11. After 2 more rounds I am really impressed with this shaft and how it has improved my putting. As stated above it has really improved the lag putting for me. It is almost the the shaft has improved my tempo on my putting or it could be that the shaft is a better fit to my tempo than the steel was. The feel with this shaft is just great. I will update as I play more since we are still in the "honeymoon phase".
  12. Typically for each degree of loft you will lose between 4-6 yards of carry distance. There is your answer. Don't get hung up on what number is on the club. Just get your new numbers dialed in. I have always hit my driver long and my irons short in comparison. Get a fitting to make sure the shafts fit your swing and that the clubs are a fit for you. Once that is done don't get hung up on what iron you hit a certain distance. Find your new normal with whatever new irons you have and play it.
  13. I guess my link got blocked just Google The putter grip the cure to making more putts and you will find it
  14. Here is an interesting putter grip test done including a round griphttps://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-labs-putter-grip-make-more-putts/
  15. For me its always the stronger club with knock down. I spent a whole summer working on that shot at the range and has been in the arsenal ever since. Nick Faldo used to refer to the shot as a slider. It usually has a little fade to it and a good amount of spin once it lands.
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