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  1. Every club in my bag has a graphite shaft including my putter.
  2. Bobby Grace Switch Hitter if you want an insert
  3. Let us know how it works out congrats on being picked.
  4. Anyword on the drawing for these for the giveaway thread? Did they announce the winners?
  5. No over lap 10 fingers Golf Pride snsr straight grip.
  6. Nearest Authorized dealer: Golf Lab VA in Chantilly VA Currently using Accra FX putter shaft interested to compare head to head Smooth shaft
  7. I had 2 foot surgeries last year first one did not fuse right. Pre surgery I already wore a wide now am a double wide. I ordered the Footjoy Stratos in double wide and it was too wide. It is the widest golf shoe I have ever tried. I sent them back and ordered the wide and they are perfect. They are also the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn. They don't look as bad in person as they do in pictures. If you have wide feet or have foot problems this is your shoe.
  8. Here is a link to the Accra FX putter shaft review I did last year https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1742708-accra-fx-putter-shaft-review/
  9. Srixon Cabretta leather best bang for your buck and is as good as any $25 glove. They are very durable and have a consistent fit.
  10. get fit for a fairway wood more than likely whatever shaft is in your current ones isn't a good fit for you and thats why you cant hit them. Also maybe they are to long or too short for your height. Don't go any lower than 5 wood
  11. One! Its been that way for about a year I have been committed to one. I still like looking at putters but have not had the urge to buy any which is a rarity for me I used to have several in the rotation. I truly believe that when I have a bad putting round its just that. I doesn't mean I have to seek something new.
  12. I'm in the same camp love my i210 been in the bag for little over a year. I never played a ping Iron before. The consistency on these is the best part from flight to distance to feel. I think this is why so many of the tour pros play them they want consistent distances and thats what you get. I mean you still have to be a decent ball striker they aren't a s forgiving as game improvement irons but they are the best cb players iron money can buy in my opinion.
  13. so based on my current putter center shafted modern bullseye full toe hang stainless steel finish. It looks like most of your info you have provided most of the associated tendencies cancel each other out. Zero offset=slice side Flat back=hook side Short distance front to back=hook side Flange line=slice side Unfinished=hook side Maybe since alot of these cancel each other out I don't feel as if I am steering my putter anymore. This is the first putter that I have owned that I don't feel as if I am steering it during the stroke. Prior to buying this putter I was always fighting a left side miss. Which is funny because almost every putter I played before was a mallet with long sight lines which should have me aiming slice side. Maybe in my mind i was correcting the aim in my stroke. I also think with the full toe hang it fits my stroke better since most of the other putters were faced balanced or minimal toe hang. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your data. It should help alot of trial and error without doing a putter fitting.
  14. It looks like it comes with weights so you can probably adjust how much toe hang it has
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