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  1. 1. Tourstage Z101 heads only. This is 4-PW, I bought them and never shafted them but was told that they are STD Loft/Lie. This is a nice set of irons if you have ever hit them. I will do $175.00 plus shipping. 2. Bridgestone J40 4-PW. I bought these from a tour rep, they have Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400s that have been PUREd. They are standard length, 1 degree flat and 2 degrees strong. This set is in great shape. I paid $650 but will take $550 plus shipping. These won't last long 3. I have 2 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Cards. Each gift card is loaded with $1000.00. I will sell each gift card for $900, 10% savings plus use the 20% off card they send in the mail and you have hit a home run! NOT INTERESTED IN TRADES, PLEASE PM ME AS I DO NOT LOG IN DAILY.
  2. 1. I have a set of TourStage Z101 Heads Only. I have never shafted them and believe they are STD Loft and Lie. I would take $185 plus shipping 2. Bridgestone J40 with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 PUREd. I purchased these from a tour rep, the set is 4-PW. They are standard length, 1 degree flat and 2 degrees strong. Very nice set of irons. I have $650 in them and would take $550 plus shipping. 3. I have 2 gift cards from PGA Superstore, both have $1000 each of value. I will take $900 each, I'm giving you $100 for the purchase. NOT INTERESTED IN ANY TRADES, PLEASE PM ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS.
  3. Length is STD, Loft is 1 degree strong. Flat Lined, my understanding is the shafts were put in a vice and rotated until they oscillated in a Flat Line. Hope this helps!
  4. It's that time of year to get rid of some of my clubs and hope whomever buys them enjoys them! 1. 4 - PW Miura's MB-001 with DG Tour Issue. 4-6 have S400s and 7-PW has X-100s. These were used for maybe 10 rounds and are in great shape. $1750.00 plus shipping 2. 6 - PW Miura's CB-501 with KBS Tour 110 Stiff Black shafts that were flat lined . I used these for about 5 rounds and are in fantastic shape as well $675.00 plus shipping 3. 4 - PW Tom Wishon combo 575mmc's with original Project X Satin 6.0s. I used these for 2 range sessions and only one round of golf. These are almost brand new! $775.00 plus shipping 4. 3-PW Mizuno MP64s with DG S300. This set has 5 rounds on them and are in fantastic shape as well. $575.00 plus shipping 5. 3-PW Mizuno MP14s with DG S300. These were hit on the range for maybe 4 sessions then went in the closet when my Miura's arrived. These will be a great buy! $375.00 plus shipping 6. TaylorMade 510XD TP 9.5 "HEAD ONLY" I bought this from a good player but has minor scratched on the face as you can see from the pictures. $55.00 plus shipping 7. TaylorMade 540XD TP 10.5 "HEAD ONLY" this head was COR tested on the Tour Van and I never shafted it. $75.00 plus shipping 8. 3-PW KZG ZO Blades with Stiff shaft. Good shape with no browning on the face $315 plus shipping NO LOW BALL OFFERS WILL BE ENTERTAINED NOR ANY TRADES
  5. I would be an excellent choice because I am the guru of the latest clubs and happenings in golf at my club thanks to GolfWRX. Majority of the members at my club come to me and ask what is the latest gear they should be playing. I am a TaylorMade guy with a custom set of MC's, a RBZ 3 wood with a Matrix Shaft. I am ready to go full TaylorMade through out my bag but need to get custom fitted so I can MAXIMIZE the use of all the clubs in my bag and turn heads at the club because they will see what I am playing and will be anixous to try and then buy. Thanks Golf WRX Brian
  6. [b][url="http://www.truelinkswear.com/index.php/shop/phx/mens-golf-shoes-black-grey.html"]TRUE phx Black/Grey[/url] 8.5[/b] These shoes are the BEST!!!
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