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  1. Thanks, you may have just cost me 3bills. I really like my Gen 2, but Like the new weight system of the Proto
  2. I currently play the Gen2 3 wood. Any thoughts on how the Proto 3wood compares
  3. I just looked on their website. Looks like pricing extended thru August, an dropped price to $395
  4. Nice! Unfortunately, this holiday weekend will delay mine, but hoping for the best.
  5. What has been the general time from order to delivery?
  6. Agreed. With a lighter shaft the head weight has to be low so that the swing weight doesn’t go thru the roof. The CB allows more mass in the head and keep the swing weight manageable.
  7. Thanks for the response. Good to hear that you are getting past the honeymoon period, and still loving it. i am stoked to get mine and put it through the paces, but a little concerned because I have never played a 50 g shaft. I’m thinking the counter balance Will redistribute the weight to offset the Lightness
  8. It looks like you have a good month of play with this X+. Wondering if it is still performing as described? Put in an order yesterday with the exact setup, and coming from the Gen2 9degree setting +1.5.
  9. For all those with the Gen2 and Proto, is the adapter the same/inter-changeable?
  10. Any other WRXer’s able to compare the Steelfiber v. MMT.
  11. I have been playing the Gen1 T’s with the i95 since they first came out. Have been very interested in the Gen 3. Wondering if you tried the Mitsubishi MMT since you didn’t mention them? If/if not why/why not?
  12. But if you play PXG and change, you get at least three threads on WRX
  13. This sounds like the same issue that I have struggled with forever. What I have found over the years is that I am left eye dominant, and play right handed. I think when the lead eye takes over it creates havoc with putter alignment. One thing that has helped is closing the lead eye while taking stance and aligning the putter, and even practicing the stroke with this eye closed. Once both eyes are open, you have to trust your alignment, or you'll start to over compensate and start pulling puts.
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