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  1. There certainly has been for the Taylormade Original One Mini Driver over here in the UK....
  2. Agreed. Classless and, still, curmudgeonly..
  3. Just. Fantastic. thanks Phil the thrill.....you’ve made a lot of old, middle aged men very happy.
  4. Must be him looking in the mirror..
  5. I think it’s pretty clear who’s probably being “argumentative” here sir....... Just so I’ve got it right......based off you hitting just “4 balls” with your swing of a Sim2 Max driver (spec unknown and whether on course or just a launch monitor) is sufficient to be an authoritative view (in the absence of “cog data” - jeez.....) on your assertion that it’s a draw biased club for everyone?
  6. Any more solid information on this as I’m about to pull the trigger on a new set of P790/P770 combo irons?? Thanks
  7. Sorry, disagree totally with that last sentence. No Sim2 Max I’ve seen/hit and own are draw biased at all.....neutral to fade at most.
  8. Anyone, but just not the bitter, curmudgeonly supreme BK please. No doubt Phil has the ability and desire to win today but as noted in another post it’ll be his mental strength that’ll enable him to get over the line and keep big numbers off the card. Take out 1/2 lapses (tiredness?) in concentration and he’d by leading by 3 shots minimum for the last round.
  9. Deeply impressive and utterly compelling round from Phil today. The weather will play its part tomorrow and I for one hope he prevails.
  10. My new Sim2 Max 3 wood was 3 weeks from order to delivery so pretty happy with that. Waiting for the matching driver having ordered it last week. Ping lead time here in the UK is 5-6 weeks now so TM at half that isn’t bad in my book.
  11. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 15.0 degree 3 wood R/H with correct, original headcover. Fitted with the amazing Tensei CK Pro White Boron 70 stiff (73g) Shaft and a as new Grey MCC Plus 4 grip with 2 wraps of tape fitted. Overall it's any easy 8.0-8.5/10 condition wise as the attached pics will show - only very small issue is some slight excess epoxy near where the more compact Epic Flash Fairway shaft adapter was fitted by Golf Principles and since these pics were taken I've managed to get a bit of it off I'm pleased to say; All told as a new club with the significant upcharge fo
  12. I've had the i210's in the bag since late 2019 but have only had about 15-20 rounds with them due to a recurring back injury and then lockdowns here in the UK.....but I have to say that thus far I don't love them (I was fitted into the spec twice so can't blame that!) as much as I did my iBlades that the i210's replaced. Stuggle to explain why but they just feel, perhaps, a bit "ordinary" to me but I fully accept I need to get more use to establish just how good they are for me.
  13. Must try them but I'm honest enough to know they are (very likely) way above my pay grade golfing wise......
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