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  1. Fair enough, would be a dull world if we all agreed. Enjoy your new Mini Driver
  2. It’s a bit cheap looking and feeling if I’m honest but I don’t use OEM covers so it’s thrown into a box with the others the moment a new club arrives and stays there until it’s (maybe) sold.
  3. Hope to have mine before the weekend as it arrived with my guy today here in the UK. And the new (back up) HZRDUS RDX Blue 70 shaft shaft arrived today. Which is nice.
  4. I'm pleased I cancelled my combo set order for P770/P790 (mk 2) when I found out the P790 Mk 3 was en route. I'd actually ordered the P770 "blind" and when I saw in the flesh they were a lot smaller and less "friendly" than I'd expected.......beautiful yes, forgiving less so I'd wager. So a new P790 that keeps that "mid" size but with the sexier looks of the P770 will be yet another winner for TM I think. Just looking forward to hear more about new TM Milled grind 3 wedges.
  5. What complete and utter nonsense.
  6. Ah, ok….thanks. Could you please share more info about the shaft for us waiting on their new clubs? I’ve ordered a HZRDUS RDX Blue 70 6.0 to match my 3 wood shaft just in case the OEM shaft is not for me.
  7. Hard to see TM messing this one up. # bloody hope so
  8. Could I ask how you know this as it’s (i “think”) a totally new shaft offering by Diamana for TM?
  9. Just ordered an 13.5 in Stiff here in the UK for delivery c. first week of August. Thinking that I can turn the loft down to gain some distance (and to get away the closeness in loft to my Sim2 Max 3 wood at 15 degree's) but to then open up the face at the same time as I cannot abide anything that has a closed face angle at all. I had an order in for a new Sim2 Max with PX Hzrdus RDX Blue 60 6.0 that has been taking forever so I have cancelled that order today which is to be replaced by the 300 Mini Driver that is available when the Sim2 max "might" have finally arrived anyway.
  10. That’s my understanding of what they look like but have you sen them Nick?
  11. Pro I’ve bought quite a bit of kit through this year who is switched on for the new stuff. Why Chris?
  12. Pre-ordered my own new set of P790’s here in the Uk. Might see them by the end of September but need to decide now if I also add the AW and then get my 54 and 58 degree wedges in the new MG3 due at a similar time to the P790’s.
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