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  1. Wait until he takes his hat off and there will be........makes Cink look “good”
  2. Can anyone tell me if the new TM Sim 2 Max fairways sit with a (slightly) closed face at address please? Saw an on line review that stated that (due to lockdown here in the Uk haven’t had the opportunity to look myself in person yet) and it’s something I’m really adverse to....especially with a glued head fairway! Thanks.
  3. Fabulous win by the European team and well deserved against a much fancied US team that didn’t perform to their best with a few exceptions.
  4. Any more comparisons between the Rogue SZ and TM M3 3 woods please? Just bagged the Rogue SZ 5 wood and contemplating the 3+ as I've got a demo from my club with the same PX Even Flow Blue shaft....but I wanted to gauge if the M3 (or the CBX) is worth a try as well and to not be an automatic Callaway fan boy! For me the 3 wood is to be used only off the tee at my club for 3-4 holes and a maybe a few more in the Summer if the Driver isn't behaving...
  5. You might be the English version of myself. The Rogue 5w was so long for me (240y range) that I ordered the Rogue 13.5 3W to replace my current Epic 15* 3w that I use off of the tee. Great minds think alike my friend!
  6. Totally agree about Rory. The way he played was a massive let down and he looked a bit lost.
  7. Who really won today? Reed? Who lost today? Rory, Jordan, John, Ricky or perhaps, the integrity of our game?
  8. Thought I might share my findings after a recent Callaway fitting at my club over here in the UK. Recently changed my G400 driver for the Rogue (non SZ that I also tried) and was delighted with how much better it was than last years Epic/Epic SZ. I had both Epic driver's and in truth never got on with either with a number of different shafts. So given the Rogue driver was so good I had to check out the new Rogue and SZ fairways as I was not hitting my Epic SZ 15 and 18 so well and, normally, my fairways are a strong suit of my game. After a chat with the Callaway fitter we decided to recor
  9. Wish we could get these in our Costco outlets over here in the UK!!
  10. Nobody signs mid-tier PGA tour players like PXG. Period. Well played sir.
  11. Cringeworthy stuff from the BBC....was like back in time to 1992 with their lame, unprofessional and error strewn coverage. Amateur hour broadcasting that won't be winning any BAFTA's anytime soon........
  12. Any news on the non up charge shafts for the Epic Hybrids please?
  13. Off topic, but I've often thought that "can't wait" is an odd expression as it usually refers to something one has to wait for. Good point, well made....
  14. Not loving the irons so far so making the recent purchase of the Apex CF16 Combo set a wise move. Very interested to see an Epic Hybrid however.....the Alpha is a fine rescue club, much in the mould of Sonartec HB001 (of which I still have one in the spares bag...)
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