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    Toulon 2022?

    [Deleted because against the rules]
  2. I was hoping for a topline version, but mine was naked. Having used the naked 002 and 7 for a while, though, I'm surprised how much I like them, and how distracting I find a flange line (or topline dots on a 7) on other putters now
  3. Mugnut

    Toulon 2022?

    Is that a knuckle on a Chicago? I've been searching for (and think I have found) that precise solution for doublebend Odyssey/Toulon putters. I'm hoping it would solve my alignment issues with doublebend necks (I align much better with a plumbers neck) while maintaining the face balanced/near face balanced toe hang that works best for me. That looks like either tour van/Garage, right? Either way, both of those are awesome! Edited to add: that sight dot on the topline is amazing. So much better than the standard line on the flange. I am envious!
  4. Mugnut

    Toulon 2022?

    JV Austin and it's litter mate JV Chicago. I think the Chicago head suits my stroke best but doublebend shafts still give me fits with getting aligned. That said, I've owned a lot (way too many) putters over the years and the JV Toulons are among my favorites ever of any OTR putters. Just a really nice product.
  5. Took the RSX #2 out for its maiden on course voyage - liked it very much. The slightly less toe hang vs. my Toulon Austin was a plus. Toe hang on the #2 is roughly in the vicinity of that on the Toulon Chicago - maybe 2:30? Definitely less than 45*. Only issue was the greens had just been punched and dressed and whatever was on them took the white paintfill out on the sole. First for that happening. I'll probably just remove the rest once I get a chance.
  6. Nice 7! Did you add the red sight dot or did it come that way? Looks good
  7. My 7 is painted, but top line is naked. If there are any out there that are fully naked that would be pretty cool. Here's mine:
  8. Bunch of Metal X Milled putters dropped on CPO. If there had been a MXM 1W I might have courted divorce to acquire one more CPO putter before season ends here...
  9. That's even more mysterious. If these are for standard current/old TD putters (not Indianapolis) I might grab an A7 or two, but looks like it'll take a call to Callaway to see what they actually have. The pics from the Fortinet championship definitely look like a new weight system out to the heel and toe instead of a single center weight. Any way, the weights have always been hard to find and I imagine will only get harder to find when the design change happens for the '22 models.
  10. I know this is an RSX thread, but since it has some stealthy Toulon content and as a PSA it appears that Callaway has Toulon weight kits listed as in-stock on its site: https://www.callawaygolf.com/accessories/course-gear/weight-kits/weight-kit-2017-toulon-design.html On closer inspection, the picture of the weight kit on the link page looks like the old/current weight kit: but when you click through it looks like weights are for a new design putter that they haven't even launched yet - so I really can't tell if this is anticipatory release for the new 2022 line or in fact is for the the weight plates in the current line. If they're for the new line, looks like a pretty major design change for the adjustable weight system.
  11. I have a Toulon Stroke Lab San Diego and an RSX #2, so similar head design. Toulon is softer, RSX firmer. I think the sweet spot feels a little smaller on the RSX, but it sounds and feels good in its own right. At 34" and an S20 weight installed, Toulon feels much heavier. I just caved and bought a JDM Chicago from CPO. I'm experimenting this winter with a more face-balanced approach, including either a long neck or a center shaft, or a wide blade on a DB shaft like the Chicago. I expect to be putting both the San Diego (U.S. Version) and a RSX #2 on the BST in the next week or so. PM me if anyone is interested pre-listing; can probably do a deal for the Odyssey/Toulon nuts in this thread. Both putters are 34', the RSX 2 is mint with tags still on; the San Diego I got here and is in excellent condition with one small ding on the back of the top line towards the toe (like that when I got it). The Anser 2/Newport 2 style head is just not working for me visually at setup these days.
  12. Odyssey-specific, but the below is exactly what I'm taking about. The stud on Ody mallets is not 90*, but may be 72*, so a knuckle like this (this is an OTR JDM Ody #5) that accounts for the stud angle, and is mated with a straight shaft, is exactly what I'm looking for. I know Callaway customer service is supposed to be good, but are they good to provide a random JDM knuckle?
  13. The JDM Austin was one of the best pickups I ever made from CPO. I would be willing to sell a bunch of putters if I ever could get my hands on a Las Vegas in the JDM config that the Austin is in...
  14. More pics of 9HT. Seems like a score.
  15. I snagged one of the JDM Austins in early August off CPO/eBay and it's still my No. 1 but the RSX 7 is knocking on the door. I had to root around and ask some Q's here to figure out what on earth it was when it arrived because it had the grey mist finish + full face milling and a DFX grip. It's a great putter. Also got my wife a 33" JDM O-Works flow neck doublewide in silver finish which is a sick putter. She doesn't even realize how good it is... Should just change the name of this thread to "CPO Ody Putter Scores" and continue to check it like getting an email nudge that something new is in stock there.
  16. The #7 is becoming my favorite. Even though I keep telling myself I don't get along with doublebend necks (and I still wish I'd gotten the black singlebend just cuz - but it's CPO so you take your chances) the 7 is the one where I feel like I'm getting it out of the sweet spot the most often; the no sightline + lines on the rails appeals to my eye. One thing is for sure: the RSX line will let you know immediately if you caught the sweet spot or not - it is a totally different sound and feel from even being a hair off. I'm actually pretty surprised that two putts with essentially the same outcome can sound and feel so different with what seems like a couple millimeters difference in face contact.
  17. Hoofer Lite easily swallows a pair of shoes; not the lightest of the lightweight carry bags, but easily the most comfortable for me of that category - the straps are pretty plush. Bonus: Works on a cart fairly well, and easily converts to single strap if you happen to be out with a caddy. I think the straps are more comfortable than Sun Mountain's, but it is definitely a little heavier.
  18. The Tour Van can cook up this option - which seems like the solution I assumed would be readily available aftermarket, but is not:
  19. Funny you say that - because I think the feel is very similar to an older BB-1 I had for a while with the honeycomb milled face. Very firm. Very demanding. Felt great out of the sweet spot though. It was beached, which is probably a similar effect to the sound chamber on the RSX. The sweet spot on these RSX's feels and sounds great, but I would definitely not call them forgiving at all; to my ear/hands you get away from the sweet spot (which I do more than I should) and you definitely feel/hear it immediately. And they are firm. Much firmer feeling than a Toulon for instance.
  20. If I added the 001 to this haul I'd think it's time to get help, but that 001 head is a really nice Anser shape...
  21. Actually think I found someone who can do this without a weld job. Still kind of blows my mind that this part is not readily available. If you ever needed to re-shaft an Ody doublebend, you're prett much stuck with an OEM replacement shaft, and there is no readily available solution to convert a single/double bend Ody putter to a flow neck. Will update if I go through with it.
  22. There were ~$20-30 price differences on some of the RSXs incl the #2's. So maybe some were used and that explains it? Still, the #2 is a never-went-to-retail model, so it's weird it would be dinged up... The #7 I got was brand new, but had a couple imperfections (nothing fatal). Could've passed for a factory-second (mostly a slightly messy job at the hosel/neck join). That said, I think I found a solution to convert it to a flow neck from the double bend, and will post pics if I go forward with that.
  23. That SLX Sunday bag looks like a nice competitor to the Ping Moonlite; looks like a slightly better pocket layout than the Ping. And the 2.5 Single Strap looks like possibly my ideal stand bag. These are great; thanks!
  24. I think that that Black Lab adapter needs a 90* shaft entry into the head; the Odyssey DB heads are not 90*, but are angled forward less than 90*, so I think the geometry would be screwed up if you used this one.
  25. Does anyone know of an adapter system that would allow a double/single bend Odyssey 7 to be set up with a flow/plumber's/offset neck? Every available option I have found for a replacement hosel for a DB putter sets up for a 90* stub in the head; on Odysseys, the neck does not enter the stub at a 90* angle, but slightly less acute, so those options seems like they would not work. For reference, the Ody Highway 101 #7's (pic below) were sold with a kind-of knuckle neck to accomplish something similar to what I am thinking of. Seems like that solution basically only required a piece of straight neck, a knuckle at the correct angle - and then the rest of the shaft straight. (No - I ave not contacted Callaway/Odyssey about this - but maybe someone will tell me they could help). I am kind of surprised this mod isn't easily found out there just because of the sheer number of Ody DB putters in the world.
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