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  1. For those who have replaced there stock shaft with a aftermarket Senior flex in there driver What make driver? What make shaft?
  2. I have this combination I had the G700 and the G410 's which I didn't like The looks of the 710 sold me. I got fitted tried all Pings shafts The distanza shaft was the best performer for me. I am still in the break-in period I am 12 handicap I think these can get me a little lower just north of 70 now so I don't have the speed I once had so 40 grams helps that. Ping did a good job.
  3. So I have gotten my handicap down to 12 During that adventure I was using game improvement clubs mostly Ping I would like to try something on the smaller Cavity back better feel side. I thought the best way to do this would be to buy some type of cavity back progressive iron set Does anyone have any Idea what a good one would be. Thanks in advance, Presser
  4. Is anyone playing the G710 with the black 40 gram Distanza shaft? Just wondering what your impressions are?
  5. I have the 710's 6-GW with the distanza shaft they are awesome I also have 3-4-5 Hybrids Ping G410 I get along very well with this set-up
  6. In September I went to Club Champion to get fit. I have a set of Ping 410 Hybrids that they re-shafted and purred. My question is this If I move the setting on the Hybrids to make them flatter what happens to the purred shaft. Does it really make a big difference?
  7. Has anyone hit this combination I have used the Distanza shaft with my Ping wood and found it to be excellent I am somewhat hesitant about black irons and there ware factor in sandy soil.
  8. question to Charli How do you split the money up between the winning and losing team?
  9. Currently using the Distanza shaft in my Gmax has anyone else had luck with another senior shaft I feel the Distanza has a little too much flex for me
  10. I like the concept of paying each person that wins. May I ask how much money you start out in the pot. We will be starting with $1600.00 I assume the overall winners get a percentage of whats left in the pot since there will only be two teams does the losing side get a percentage? Thanks for the ideas
  11. Anyone using the flat settings on the hybrids or fairway woods? My Ping irons are orange dot so it would seem a good idea to try the flatter settings, I havent messed with them yet what has been your results? THX
  12. Been playing G700's for over a year they have brought my handicap down 2 I feel it is time for a change so I ordered G410's same shaft etc. Anyone hit both ? your thoughts between the two
  13. Bring back Peter Kessler Its time
  14. I am running a golf trip this year with 16 guys I would like to do a Ryder cup format with everyone throwing in $100.00 Has anyone else done this what format did you use and what kind of payouts Thanks in advance
  15. Our swing speeds are the same,I picked up a few yards with the Distanza but best of all I am in the middlemost of the time. The Distanza shaft is very whippy. The first time I used it I thought I would never be able to keep it in play but it is great. You can really feel the shaft load when I am swinging well. Give it a try I think you will like it,
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