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  1. Thanks, those were the usual suspects. I'll try them both this week.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to have some of the Kyoei blanks ground up. Does anyone know of a shop in MN that could handle it? I know 2nd Swing could and may go with them, but looking for other options too. Thanks in advance!
  3. Yep, those are the ones. That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks much!
  4. Anyone have feedback on the post Macgregor Don White wedge heads for sale on the bay? Spin, feel, etc. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, thinning the herd as my bag is set for the summer. I ship USPS Priority. All prices are shipped CONUS and include shipping. Only trades might be a NCW wedge set. Bridgestone Tour X - BL's - 4-PW - Modus 120 - X Flex - Standard L/L/L - I bought these on here a couple weeks ago. Excellent Irons, super soft Endo forgings. I don't care for the shafts however. The heads are in very good shape with some chatter, but nothing crazy. These are JDM only and kind of hard to find. - $825Yonex TC Forged / Ti Hybrid Irons - 3-PW - Modus 125 - S Flex - Standard L/L/L - Super cool titanium infused, h
  6. Hi fellas, a couple tour issue items and odds and end for sale today. I ship USPS Priority., Message for Paypal info. Tour issue Scratch EZ-1's - Don White Grinds - 2-PW - 4-PW are shafted with KBS TGI Tour 90 graphite hafts in stiff - The 2 and 3 iron are new and unshafted - 4-PW have hardly been hit and could pass as new - Shafts are Pured and are gripped with Grip Master kangaroo grips - Low offset heads - Standard L/L/L - Looking for SOLD Adam 9033HF Head Only - 15 Degrees - Good Shape - $50 Shipped Adams 9033HF - 18 Degree - Shafted with GD Pure Ice 85 TX Flex - $50 Shipped Adams 9033F -
  7. Cool stuff up for sale tonight fellas. Pricing includes UPS shipping. USA only, sorry. Paypal is [email protected] PRGR Tune CB01's - 3-PW - Aerotech Steelfiber 125 - Stiff Flex - Standard L/L/L - 4-PW purchased together, 3 iron added later hence the additional wear. 4-PW only hit a couple times with the 7 and 9 iron still in plastic. White Champ Grips. $1000 PRGR Tune MB01's - 3-PW - Heads only - Standard L/L - Wear consistent with a season of use - Super soft and forgiving for a blade - $500 Miura 5005 MB's - Limited Y Grind - Only 150 made - KBS Tour 125's S+ - 4-PW - Stand
  8. I blew up the 1st pic so it might be a little blurry, Jauce is a buying agent for shopping in Japan.
  9. Hey Gents, I was lucky enough to snag a set of these off of Jauce for less than TSG is charging, but they took almost 4 weeks to get through customs. I got them on Thursday of last week and I hit balls with them and played 2-3 holes in the wind and rain on Saturday. About me: 5-7 handicap, been playing blades or neo-blades for most of the last 15 years. I'd like to give them more time, but I think these are some of the best clubs I've hit. The feel is very soft, in looking at the literature from Onofff, the hosel is spin welded to the body. Mirua forged? I also think they are very forgiving fo
  10. Hi guys, I think I’ve found the iron set for the foreseeable future so I have to thin the herd. Some nice iron sets and some misc items. I ship UPS Ground and all prices include that. No trades, cash is king. On to the goodies. Miura CB 1007 / MB 5005 Combo Set - 3-PW + MB 5000 WB 53 and 58 Wedges - Custom Black Ox finish - Custom KBS Tour Black Stiff Flex - Custom Matching Ferrules + Iomic Grips. Irons have been used for 8-10 Rounds and some range sessions. The finish is starting to wear and they are beginning to rust, they look super cool like this. Heads are in great shape with no nicks
  11. I may have a 4-Pw set for sale. PM if interested.
  12. Hi all, I've got to thin the herd a bit since our season just started here in Minnesota. I've got some super cool tour department Scratch stuff that I picked up in the off season. Everything includes UPS ground shipping. My paypal is [email protected] Ebay ID is chrisgmiller. No trades at the moment, cash is king. 1. Tour Department Don White Grind EZ-1 and Flatback combo. 3 & 4 are EZ-1's and 5-PW are flat backs. Dynamic Gold Tour issue S400. D/S grind. Antique Finish, but mostly raw now. Square toe, zero offset. Standard L/L/L. 48* PW. No1 grips. I got these from a Wrx'er
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