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  1. If you look closely there is a version without a black line It’s the smaller picture right below the large one Ah, didn’t see that one.
  2. Option 1. Don’t open threads you’re not interested in Option 2. Don’t open threads you’re not interested in Option 3. Don’t open threads you’re not interested in
  3. I swear it looks like Spieth is wearing the HOVR Drive instead of the Spieth’s. I don’t see the black line on his shoes.
  4. I’d like to hear more about those HOVR Drive.
  5. That neck doesn’t look like a typical flow neck, who did the work on this?
  6. Left, no doubt. Left, no doubt.
  7. So, wait. Are you saying that increased tournament dates, more money, and better TV deals aren’t good for the Tour? Or are you saying that having a woman in charge would make those things look better to people that care about it?
  8. I think you answered your own question...this guy didn’t know enough to follow the “unwritten” rules of range protocol.
  9. The MM Protos were released just rebranded as the Vapor Pro’s. And they were pieces of junk. I don’t know anything about the TM B and C’s..... will welcome enlightenment there. The TM B were my favorite Iron ever...such an idiot to let them go.
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